Crafted Items should in NO circumstance be Bind on Pick Up

So I am currently leveling my weapon smithing and noticed that the expedition weapons and assuming armor as well are all Bind on Pick Up. This is not a good mechanic at all. Weapon Smithing is not an easy crafting skill to level up. I have company member wanting items made or I am wanting to sell some of the nicer crafted gear but with this mechanic I just flat out can not do it. It is just a waste of materials minus the xp. I have also seen GS 600 legendries be BOP which is even worse to be BOP. This need to be changed that all crafted items are NOT bind on pick up for the sake of crafters and game health.

example - Crafted Dynasty GA


As its a crafted version of a weapon that drops as a BOP item in an expedition, i also genuinely think the crafted version shouldnt be BOP even if the item drop in the expedition is.

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