Crafter suggestion (Gear Sets)

Its only a amount of time before we get gear sets in the game. My suggestion would be to make them tied to an Item that Crafters can use to apply on gear sets.
Ex: Bosses in Dungeons/ Raids or End game activities have the chance of dropping special Items that when Applied grant the Item 1 of 5 Gear set related perks. The Item would be grouped into Set Category For this example we will call it “Infernal” in spirit of Season 1 about to be dropped…
When applied by a crafter (Probably Arcanist…) Your Armor will be upgraded to a “Infernal Orichalcum Helmet of the Whatever” with the set bonus at 2 of 5… Lets say %5 fire resist. The next perk would be uniform with other games at 3 of 5 pieces (Fire damage) and the Final perk coming from 5 of 5 pieces giving you some kind of Fire related perk or ability.
With this system it would add another Layer to the crafting system and the build crafting because you would be able to mix and match set bonus. Obviously Tuning would be required and maybe a gear score requirement to apply but think it could add to the experience. Maybe even let the crafter put their own spin on it by picking from a set bonus perk pool.

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