Crafting 595-600 Legendary rate

Hey guys,. I know all is about luck. But what is your rate to get legendary with armoring ?
For two days i crafted 30 items and I got only one legendary. Crafting 5 items in one round.

if it is all weighted equally it should be 1/6 but I have had bad runs of 30+ crafts and only gotten 1 or 2 but I have also had 5 crafts and gotten 3 leggos so without dev input on actual crafting % we are kind at a loss. could probably do more comprehensive testing on the PTR since you are given thousands of CD mats and trophies ect.

It has to be below 1/6. AGS hasn’t even confirmed for us. We had a similar thread here recently: Crafting 595-600 > What is the chance to craft legendary?

The fact that they won’t confirm it means that it’s probably convoluted like the way luck works, and it’s probably below 1/6 rate which it absolutely should be (if not better). Personally, I’ve given up on crafting until they actually tell us the crafting rate and maybe even fix crafting. It’s not worth it. Just save your asmodeum for the day AGS fixes crafting or sell it and buy your item on the trading post. Trust me. Finally hit six figures for the first time, and its because I quit crafting 11 days ago when I commented on that post I linked. I quit crafting that day, and I never looked back.

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