Crafting 595-600 > What is the chance to craft legendary?

Did about over 200k gold in Asmo crafts and did only ONE legendary craft?

I am positive the chance is not 1/5. Does anyone know what’s the actual percentage?


Edit: I am positive the chance is not 1/6 either, lol.
Also, the buffs were ALWAYS ACTIVE. (How else would I get 595-600 range?? lol).


595 596 597 598 599 600
6 numbers
1/6 or 16.67%

If you roll a 6 sided die 100 times you might get a 6 only once, but the probability of that is low

What’s more likely is you had a town buff fall off reducing odds to 1/11


From my excel it effectively is 6%.


its horribly low and the chance that this 600 is good is horribly low too. its not worth it didnt make a dime with it out of hundreds of crafts.


Do you mean Armorer’s inspiration?

I crafted 24 hatchets today at 595-600 and did not roll a single legendary. That has never happened to me in this game before. Something seems off. I’ve rolled probably 70 hatchets in the last 3 days and only rolled 2 legendaries. But 0 today in my batch of 24. I’m dumbfounded. I thought maybe my taxes lapsed. Or that the town buff was down. But it wasn’t the case. I went to every house and took my trophies down, replaced them. Checked all my taxes. Took all of my engineering clothes off and reequipped. And bought a new food buff. And then I relogged and crafted 9 more. 9 purples.

Did something happen with the server reset/patch and taxes? I could have sworn mine were due but when I logged in today they said I couldn’t pay for 4 more days…


I’m also 595-600 on all crafting skills, so I’m not new to the RNG. I know getting legendaries is rare. But I’ve never had 24 straight crafts without a legendary. And 2 out of 70 feels insanely bad RNG…


I have made over 20 Ori BP in the last 2 days. Its about 9k a pop per attempt. Zero legendaries. I’m done with the game.


Im sure they stealth nerfed the chance after mutation patch, before patch you will get more legendaries, i make 20 amulets and 0 legendarys, also 15 gloves and 30 void gauntlets and 0 legendarys with even buff 595-600 gs

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I had all the possible buffs yesterday and out of the five armor pieces I crafted…two were legendary. Other days, twenty items crafted and zero legendary. Just RNG.

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This game is so amazing.

Congratulations! :partying_face:


Yea but we are talking about what is the chance. Like, even 1/6 it is very unlikely that you get nothing from 20+ crafts. So I was just wondering the effective chance.

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yeah about this 5-6%, I’m 200 595-600gs weapon, armor, engineer and jewel crafting. It is quite consistent for large rolls (10 plus crafted items at once). RNG makes it fun when you do <5 items or one at a time. For example, I rolled legendaries on second and third rolls for a set of robes for a company member. they were ready to do five to hopefully roll a legendary and they got 2 out of 3.

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I did 6 hatchets yesterday. One was legendary. RNG. I’ve rolled 20 GAs at a time for company members and got zero legendaries.

The probability of not rolling a legendary considering there are only 6 outcomes is the same as not rolling a 6 on a 6 sided die. The probability of not rolling a legendary in 20 attempts is pretty much none. RNG my rear.

(5/6)20 = 0.02608405

That is the probability of not rolling a legendary in 20 rolls.


on lets say 30 try i do like 1-2 legendary when im really really lucky. Then lets talk about thoses 2 legendary. 99% they are reallly bad. The chance are like 1 on 1000 that it will have a good set of perks so in the end you will lose a lot of time and golds. Total waste of time

More unfounded statements by someone who just talks junk about a game. This game simply isn’t for you

Its called math. Try school.


It’s a made up math that you are trying to say is fact, just like every other post you make that isn’t factual and your get ridiculed for

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yeah its prolly what everyone is telling himself this game is only made for the supreme elite advanced lifeform and we should not say anything for it to not die and let it get down each day