Crafting and making sense of breakage in an actual economy

I posted a lengthy bit to the devs during the first alpha regarding the economy and what would happen. My post was buried because people could not see past their own gameplay issues and now the economy needs a rework. No one can look at the trade houses and say things are healthy.

Building a game is difficult, adjusting it after the fact is even harder, the crafting system and economy needs “adjustment”

I posted this on day one and will briefly cover it again. Weapons and armor need to break, but replacing them need not be a chore. Gathering resources for specifics yes, but creation need not be punishing except for all but the legendary items which should require HUGE maintenance costs for wear and tear if they are to remain perm in game.

Crafting needs a slight rework, not leveling the craft per level, but quality and durability issues based on the experience of the crafter. The more “pieces” a weapon smith or armorer creates, the better chance they have of making a high durability weapon or piece of armor. While the current GS and damage can be left intact, one thing that NEEDS to change is the items will break and in some cases if left unrepaired, break spectacularly.

The current number of ingots to make something is simply absurd. “Time to create” is a better indicator instead of mindlessly grinding ingots. It is a simple matter to add a time frame in the creation process to improve durability, In my scenario, a crafter taking more time to create an item results in very high durability and less repair parts when the time comes to repair, using high quality ingots, those that took time to make verse the throw some ore in the fire and make mass quantities of brittle ingots would also affect quality.

I spelled this out a couple times in far far more detail but the thought of an armor or weapon breaking made people go mad.

We need an economy, one that makes sense, and is fun, not punishing and not too inconvenient for the legendary stuff.

A working economy in a game can be fun, and have laughable results if short cuts are taken in item creation. The devs should have listened, if they had, we would not need 10 iron ingots to make a skinning knife that lasts forever. We would have crafters that had a choice to make low, medium or high quality crafting mats and crafters having a choice to use these different levels based on the time it takes to forge or create them, even cheap weapons have a place in the economy along with cheap items for spur of the moment runs or quests not needing your best. then when it comes to the big quests, the top items are used and after, repairs are completed to replace “most” of the durability, that would also be based on the quality of the repair parts.

But as time moves on, eventually, that beloved armor or wep will eventually break. Common sense thinking in how materials are gathered and the amount needed has to be rethought if this game is to survive.

Crafting can save the game if it is changed up a bit. The current mechanics can be reworked, and yes, some will need to be created from the bottom up.

The basis for crafters to make items and their quality is already functioning, what needs to be changed is the leveling aspect which would be replaced with a choice of times to create an object and the quality of the components in it’s creation, regardless of what it is. Then finally, bonuses from the crafter themselves based solely on how many items that crafter has made that come out “high quality”

Example: A beginning weapon smith, not having forged a butter knife, can take the best quality items, say one high level “insert comically expensive” single ingot, some rare wood, some rare leather pulled from the butt of some epic creature, and then, if they so choose, or are foolish enough to waste, can forge that knife, it will be expensive garbage, and may not look quite right, nor will that beginning smith get much build credit, but they could do it, and the knife might be usable for a short time, and because they were so unskilled, that knife could not be broken down or repaired.

This is the basis for the entire concept of item breakage that makes sense and is not punishing. The minutia of course would need to be worked out by the devs which in turn need a basic concept of fun an humor in creation of items and the cost of making something outside your limits. That and keeping an economy linear and not lopsided.

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  • I have a favorite axe that I want to always use. It breaking would make me sad.
  • You want all weapons to break so that you can sell new weapons. Not selling weapons makes you sad.

Can you tell me why the game developers should favor the desires of the break crowd over that of the non-break crowd?

they made a “player based economy” meaning theres basically no way to make gold outside of trading with other players. the problem that they havent adressed is that there is an abundance of loot and everything is permanent, so when everyone has their gear, which is happening fast, there is nothing whatsoever left to trade.

they need some sort of demand or the economy just dies off very quickly. they could just rework it so that it wasnt easy to repair and you needed repair kits of certain tiers to repair your gear and crafting skills/materials to make them, that would create a constant demand for materials.

theres many different things they could do, but right now theres nothing, and even consumables like potions and ammo you can get from vendors, which is also bad design for a player driven economy.


While I don’t agree with the post either as there are too many ambicious claims that would no doubt possibly ruin the game, he does have a point the game lacks item sinks. Removing a lot of the purpose of crafting. You also say that the “non-break” crowd should be listened too what about the crafting crowd that barely see any benefit from their time and resource investment don’t they deserve an adjustment?

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Always thought it would be cool to have armor with bonuses that can break, requiring unique materials to repair.

Think my first thoughts on it were like a 3 piece and 5 piece set bonus on dragonscale crafted gear in WoW that would require scales of Onyxia to repair. You wouldn’t necessarily lose the entirety of the armor’s bonuses when that repair is necessary, just a stronger set bonus.

Making something along those lines, that requires you travel to specific areas and defeat specific enemy types would add a lot to a crafting system like this game has.

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