Crafting and refining clothing: an idea for an already bloated storage system

i would like to suggest something like upgrade slots for crafting stations and refining.
Or even something in the house similar to the current trophy system.
its already a pain to micro manage storage and inventory so lets have slots where we can just simply add our clothing (or change the clothing to a token or badge) to our house or crafting station.

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Yeah also is it logic for you to carry around 1500 on yourself with bags, but your town storage can only contain 1000 ? the storage is 80 times bigger than the character bags but can contain almost 2 times less. That could already fix the problem.

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Agree completely. Having a “Closet” or “Wardrobe” that we can place all of our crafting outfits in and then simply click the outfit we want to put on to craft that particular station would be awesome. When you get to the station, click your wardrobe, click the outfit, and whichever pieces you own, are now on you. When you are done, click in reverse to get your suit of armor back on. Other games have such closets/wardrobes it can’t be too hard to incorporate. It would save on packing all of those clothes around and having to find each piece to put on for each station and reverse again. I know my entire guild has had many discussions about this topic. Thank you leroy for starting this topic!

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