Crafting and salvaging system feedback after 2300+ hours

Due to the casino called crafting, many crafters are literally clogged with tons of crappy unsellable items. They either hopelessly clog the market with price tags 200-300-500 gold and yet no one is buying themor they just gather dust in the crafter’s storages.
The FED-style inflation you have implemented in the game (gold bags, increased gold drop from dungeons etc) and the current crafting system makes everything in the range 500-595 GS literally useless and undesirable. From the range 595-599 the sellable items are the ones with two top perks or weapon perk + top perk (Resilient, Freedom, Refresh/refreshing evasion). Items with weapon perk and T2 perks (Vigor, Invigorated, Elem. aversion, Luck, wards) are already hard to impossible sale. If you get a T3 perk on such item (farming perks and all the rest) you can consider this item as forever yours.

And here comes the salvaging issue. Considering the price of the craft with high end mats - Asmo, Runic and Phoenix, salvaging e.g. a heavy chest and getting 1-2-3-4 Orichalcum ingots in return of the invested 20 Asmo etc is blatant mockery.

The reality of the crafting system is that you get one or two top or near top pieces out of 200ish crafts plus several averages. All the rest is more or less trash.

The above issue with the recycling is really painful especially with the jewel crafting where you receive after salvaging 1 uncut T4 gem out of the invested 13 Asmo, 1 timeless shard, T5 cut gem, 10 stats craft mods and 1 (usually expensive) perk mod.
E.g. crafting a ring with Sacred perk using the extremely rare and expensive Sliver of Consecrated Iron costs around 20k averaged between servers and in 90% of the crafts ends up in equivalent of the Instrumentality ring (Focus, Sacred, random useless perk), that every player doing Mutated Lazarus gets with buckets on each run.

The current reality of the game is that if you are after BiS (Best in Slot) gear, you have to invest around 2-3M gold averaged - an amount that 99.99% of the players cannot imagine to posses even in their wildest dreams. I hope you to understand that such severely punishing system is one of the key reasons to have a constant decrement of active players in the game. And what is worse for you - it is pushing away your core of dedicated players with 1500+ hours that are definitely not Butterfly Johnny boys, jumping from game to game after 20-30 hours.

So here is my proposal:

Change the type of recourse received upon salvaging of the crafted items only to match the invested tier of mats and as well - return 25% of the invested mats and craft mods of ALL types (rounded).

Having such recycling rate would not force the crafters to set prices of 300-500K of the BiS items in order to cover their investment in resources as they would be more eager simply to salvage the trash and get a cashback. Such change will make BiS or near BiS pieces accessible to more of players and will increase their will to stay with the game as the fair recycling will allow more craft attempts and bigger offering of good items. The increased offering will push the prices down and this will add to the gear balance between the players. It is not a secret that the top-PvP companies pay their members weekly salary from the income of the towns they own. That way they can afford obtaining better gear that adds a gear gap to the existing skill difference. Closing that gap will make the wars more competitive and this I hope will maintain the interest into the game among more players.

I really hope that my feedback will be taken into consideration.

P.S. I have used as an example the armor crafting as the situation with the weapon crafting is even worse due to the amount of good named ones from the dungeons.

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I have a dream to craft my own BiS axe.
That dream is still a dream because I still don’t have the pants :disappointed_relieved:

Joke aside, crafting is one of the things they really needs to look at.
The high cost and very low probability of good return is killing the crafting.
For average Joe like myself, it takes 7 days to save up 70 x Asmo, runic leather, phoenixweave, etc. What are the chances I have for those limited resources to get me GS600 Legendary or 2 very good perks items?
Next to zero and that’s demoralising.

Having better salvaging return would definitely help the pain.

They rework craft in the future it is needed, but for now they are more inportant things to do. We will see what is combat state after update a lot of people from PTR said is much more better and pleasure if it is they will need add more content, then they will rework craft. Maybe in the future they will add next grade of items above legendary and then we will have a possibility to craft items where first u need to drop special item. Weaponsmithing is bullshit while u can drop bis items from dungeons, only armoring pvp craft will be always on top

Ive saved every piece of gear Ive crafted (maxxed all crafting professions) in hopes that one day theyll either do a nice salvage update or let us reroll perks or attributes… one day.

The fact is though that Ive been at max capacity storage since January.

At least theyre buffing storage chests next patch.

But they still will…

I tend to disagree as the increased offering of good items will give more options for the buyers, so sellers have to be competitive. Otherwise they risk having their goods being unsellable due to high price and being unable to generate revenue as their money are locked in stock.

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