Crafting and trading are not manageable

Sorry to say but the craft/commerce of this game is a real TORTURE. In the true sense of the word.

Currently, I have several 200 trades, 3 houses and many hours of play. I am an organized and methodical person. My main “job” is engineer. I have enough gold but not that much. I can’t buy T4 trophies because I don’t have enough money. Globally, gold level, I’m stagnating. But that’s not the important thing.

Because :
My warehouses are full - I spend 80% of my game time moving resources from one city to another because of downgrades and workshop destruction which forces me to move my stocks. My resources tend to get scattered all over the place. And so, it’s become a real nightmare whenever I decide to craft something. And yes, EVERYTHING tends to get scattered, so I have to go looking for everything left and right! It’s become unbearable. For sales it’s the same thing, everything tends to be scattered in the big cities. It is frankly unmanageable.

The HV is incredibly badly designed. You can’t understand anything. It’s the most poorly designed and impractical HV I’ve ever seen in an MMO. You can’t tell at a glance where your items are for sale, or where they are in relation to the competition!

But the worst is yet to come. You can only sell (and buy!) 100 items at a time. SO: I have a lot of stuff in the warehouse that I can’t even sell because I don’t have a place to put it! Maybe my stuff would be useful to someone!? We’ll never know. It will all end up in the bin!

All this is bad enough but ON TOP of that the economy is extremely sluggish: I sell very few items/resources and yet I am advanced in my trades. Prices are only going down even with the best quality. Items stay on sale because they are very quickly underpriced. The supply is huge, the demand anemic. The New World trade is a disaster. How do people who have less time to play than I do? I’ve never seen that anywhere!

My conclusion is my introduction: the crafting/trade in New World is a real torture!

The whole point of AGS is to completely overhaul this aspect of the game. As it is, it’s unmanageable in the long run.


Start a company, recruit and take territory, then upgrade the town.

Or are you one of those people that thinks everything should just be free?

I am also a heavy crafter but do not have this issue. Are you using your resources or stockpiling? I also do not understand why the item sale limit is an issue

I agree with this - Trade skills are a massive issue… Needs a complete rework tbh.

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Totally agree with his.

My mainskill is also engineering. I don’t sell my tools for much, but even then, I barely sell one or two… every 3 days? Barely enough to survive. This was not true before, because people needed those and 1 or 2 weeks ago, I sold a lot of them. But now… that most people are equipped, as there is no item destruction in the game… who will buy them anymore? Not to mention that the difference in bonuses between, let’s say a 550 gs pickaxe… and a 600 one… is not much, but the cost of crafting one is exponential, from 200 po a piece to 4000 po. It’s not worth it for you to craft them, cause they demand legendary materials, trophies, clothes, food and jewel bonus… But if you “fail” and you craft an item that doesn’t have BOTH yield and luck bonus (at least), it’s just pure trash and no one will ever buy it so it’s just a total waste.

They really need to craft their crafting system ASAP. Because at one point, everyone will be well equipped anyways (no item destruction) and you will be able to sell exactly nothing. (maybe make the items reparable only 10 times?)

This topic needs to be more visible.

seems like you create most of your own problems by over producing. you should be adapting your production to the market, not expecting the market to eat whatever your gather/produce

way back in the day, Atari produced more copies of ET than they had sold consoles. They had warehouses full of games no one was buying. This was not a sign of a bad economy, it was a sign of a poorly run company.

Yes, you are right in real life. However it is more complicated than that in New World. Indeed, the high Tier recipes require a very rare resource and several more common resources. To get the rare one, you have to try your luck many times. This means that there are too many common resources which, inevitably, accumulate everywhere and which must be thrown away.
For example, to obtain a void metal, we have to collect a lot of Orichalcum which has no use in the game and which first puts pressure on the price which tends towards 0 and then puts pressure on our inventories and ends up in the trash. This is not rewarding for a harvester.
And the whole economy of NW is like that. That’s not the only problem.

I agree that bundling orichalcum with required materials was not a great idea, and even worse, void ore.

however the whole economy isn’t really like that. As far as harvesters, they basically charge based on the overall value of the node, and gather based on that. So for those selling resources, its fine.

I’d say its not that fun though when it reaches orichalcum levels of competition

edit whoops thought this was a different thread, different context

AGS Please allow Sellers to sell in Bulk!

The biggest problem with the economy is that the seller has no leverage in the ability to sell in bulk, because the buyer is allowed to buy only as much as they want. This system is way to one-sided in favor of the buyer and it kills competition making undercut pricing a more serious problem than it should be.

3 things they can do to help the economy function better:

  1. Can only buy for the amount listed. This will result in different sized lots at different prices. Buyers will able to shop for the lot size and price that suits them but they can no longer have the best of both worlds. The buy order systems is still available to them as well.
  2. Limit the amount of lot sizes (for example 500, 0r 999). This helps keep the market from being overflooded and lets other sellers have a chance of being seen more when buyers are looking for something.
  3. (optional) increase the number of lots allowed per player (150? 200?) only if limiting the lot size is too restrictive. If 1. and 2. are implemented it probably won’t be necessary due better profits for sellers.

Let’s go down the line on this one and see what that gets us:

  1. So, instead of players having 1 listing each with a price for their iron ore, we have hundreds of listings for 1 ore filling up the market. Or, if players are limited to only 1 listing, they’ll end up putting just the amount to satisfy a board quest and replace it when it sells. Buying in bulk is nice, but generally people don’t want to fill up their limited storage capacity unless they’re bulk crafting. Most are looking to fulfil quests and will buy just what they want and move on.

  2. It won’t do anything to solve visibility due to 1.

  3. The limit to lots allowed is the only thing that would keep 1 in check, or do we want WoW Classic’s pages of 1 ore listings by the same player for the same price?

Over producing is how you level crafting… when you couple the need to makes 10s of thousands of items with the RNG determining how much flux you have and then add in down grades of crafting stations and you have a resource distribution issue… well you have the issue if you are simultaneously upgrading multiple skills…

In my opinion they should have created a 4th and 5th faction, the crafters and traders guild… which would have inherent skills, capabilities, etc that are separate from the three that exist today. Think of the crafters as having a baseline luck 20% higher but limits on constitution or whatever. The traders have taxes waived and 50% CC and mounts… but they can’t move as fast or whatever… that way when you want to run Amrine you’ll want a healer, DPS, Tank, Crafter, and Trader to maximize the benefits.

Today you basically have to be everything, and you can be everything, but it isn’t really all that fun at scale because of the limitations of being on a single server…

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