Crafting Bug w/Protective Wyrd gear

Completed the Protective Wyrd quests and kept all the armor (did not salvage, thank goodness!); was able to successfully upgrade the boots, hat, and gloves but I cannot upgrade the shirt and pants. Says I have the resources, outfitting station is high enough tier, and my armoring skill is well over 5. Anyone have this issue?

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I am sorry about the problem you are having while trying to craft your Purified Protective Wyrd Shirt. Currently, there are some issues with players trying to craft items in outfitting stations. This is a known issue and we are working on resolving it as soon as possible.

You can see all of the current known issues in this thread, in case you are interested.

I hope this information helps!

Having the same issue with the gloves only on Ursa and now Dry Tree server.

Got the same issue with the gloves.

I have the same issue across all 4 items - hoping it’s addressed in the Feb bugfix update

Same issue with shirt and shoes.

Yeah am still seeing this issue to after the Feb patch. It’s also happening on Battle embrace gear too.

I have a theory as to why, but unsure how the original circumstances came about or allowed for it - essentially when I first crafted the initial versions of some of the gear, they came out with higher than specified gear scores, I thought this was potentially a re-scaling due to level change during the quest lines but it could be that the items are now seen as already-improved and therefore can’t be improved again upon completion of the final quest line.

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