Crafting Change Ideas

Just an idea to expand on the current updates for patterns and timeless shards.
I would like to see more patters be added for all areas of content even rare unlockable crafter ones that are permanent and legendary drops. This could be created as a pattern that’s unlocked and craftable by those trade skills similar to the legendary weapons. Also, I would like to see all slots available for mods yes it would remove more of the rng in crafting allowing players to build sets they actually want. I would not be cheap costing the timeless shards, each craft mod desired and maybe 250 another per craft mod slotted. This would make it more pricy on the azoth end and still feel rewarding for every piece created. Though there may be a percentage chance that you fail at adding a craft mod making it only epic and 2 vs legendary with all 3. I feel like crafting needs to be less RNG.

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