Crafting Clothing and tier bonus

We all know that there is different tier’s of crafting gear. We all know that there is a lot of very upset people when you go and spend 10-20k worth of mats to attempt to get a piece of loot that has the perfect Stats on it.

So what if… What if AGS uses the crafting clothing as its own sort of set pieces. So that when you get the 5 pcs Armor smithing tier V epic pieces you get a tier set bonus of being able to set the Attributes and 1 perk. Still have to have some RNG for messing up. As well as keep it fair for everyone.

Cause as it stands right now. There is only the +2 to crafting better item. So if we have a Clothing bonus of 5 items to craft Attribute and 1 perk. This will sweeten the pot.

It was just an idea / Thought for Feedback that our company was kicking around.

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