Crafting Cosmetics

Since crafting is a good part of the game and the visual customization is pathetic to say the least, i´d just like to give my 2 cents on the system and suggest a way to improve it.

1st, give us an option to learn how to craft the cosmetic version of an item by salvaging said item, this could be done by an RNG system where you salvage with a chance of obtaining the cosmetic recipe…


Since ol´ jeffo wants some money to finance his shennanigans, give us a purchasable item on the ingame store where when used gives 100% chance of obtaining that cosmetic.

My suggestion would be… both, add both system for people who don´t care about grinding to obtain their stuff and the other system for people like me who just doesnt give a ****.

From here we can go two routes

  1. The crafter would craft this cosmetic that then would be used as a resource to craft an actual piece of equipment using that appearance, but respecting the boundries of armor and weapon types. (Light Armor Cosmetics can only be used to craft light armor and so on…).


  1. The Armor blueprints just becoeme an usuable item that when used adds that cosmetic to your appearances vault pretty much, weapons respects their weapons types but armor can be mixed and matched no matter what armor type is applied to.

Personally i´d go with option 1, would add another dynamic to the economy and would also keep the store cosmetics separated from the rest.

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I think the gear sets that require a resource from an expedition should be cosmetic. There isn’t much reason for me to run Amrine more than once, but if I wanted the gear set from it I would need a lot of that coagulated blood or whatever it is. Would require a good amount of runs. It isn’t worth making them right now as lower level sets are replaced after you make them.

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