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November isn’t over but the November Megathread is already closed, so I thought I would add this here. I think either I am doing something really right or everyone else is doing something really wrong.
As the update notes state, once you unlock the next tier of crafting recipes, the previous tier nets you less XP thus it will take you longer to level using those materials. Using the new tier materials nets you the same XP as you would normally get. So far this has been my experience. Crafting has worked exactly as they said it would. I raised my armoring 4 levels in about 10 minutes the other day just crafting at my current tier and didn’t have to use that many materials at all.
So, it sounds like those saying it isn’t working didn’t understand the changes. Also, the idea that everyone who got to max level crafting under the old system should be penalized for using it is just entitlement. Don’t be mad because they did it and you didn’t. That is like a day trader crying that Microsoft stock is $337 a share today and it’s not fair that investors in 1986 got it for $21 at it’s IPO, then demanding that those early investors shares be devalued to match what people buying in the current market are getting.
They got lucky and got in on the ground floor of something good, you didn’t. Life goes on. Their gains do not hurt you in any way.

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Strolls through the room
Tosses a drumstick at the troll

strolls back out of the room

Yes, pointing out that in my experience the system is, in fact, working normally clearly I’m trolling. Good logic.
I guess when someone isn’t raging against the game (yet ironically still playing) or tearing down the game designers that actually know more about game design than you, it is trolling.
Can you imagine a world where people actually enjoy life? Enjoy the things others put time into for their benefit instead of constantly finding little details to nitpick or blow out of proportion to try and concoct some form of crusade against “the man”?
Just imagine.
Then again, I’m trolling. There is no such thing as being gracious. If you ain’t hatin’ you ain’t cool. Go sit at the losers table.

Jewelcrafting is broken as per the devs themselves. Furnishing is shut down, and impossible. All the others take more to level than before. Sure crafting is fine!

tosses another drumstick at the troll

None of that relates to my post, with the exception of your claim that it takes more to level than before which I clearly addressed. It doesn’t take longer, it works fine, I gave a first hand example of how it is working just fine. Context is very important. Try being less snarky and using more critical thinking skills.

Current crafting is completely impractical, especially when you could just negate that grind, by playing the market, and purchasing the mats, all it does in this case is drive a portion of the player base from the game needlessly.


Crafting needs to be balanced, and rewarding. Currently it’s neither. The mats, and amounts feel arbitrary, the xp rewarded feels arbitrary.

You can’t tell me a system where you use infused leather to craft something, and can salvage it to return enough orichalcum bars to entirely fund the cost of the craft, and then some, was a thought out system, the craft doesn’t even use orichalcum bars… Crafting is not fine by any stretch of the imagination.

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