Crafting feels fantastic

The new changes to crafting have made worlds of difference. I’ve had max armoring and jewelcrafting since december 2021, and I never once crafted a single piece I would consider bis in any way. Since these changes I’ve been able to complete my set, it feels awesome to be able to actually create great items that I can use!


**if you roll for pvp
*** if you dont roll a lifestaff

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Having issues with crafting PVE gears? Hope not because I’m planning to craft myself some gears for the new expedition B & B.

Yea you will roll PVE with resilient. Its bad to roll PVE now.

What about jewelries?

Rolled 15 pieces last night. 3 were legendary. 2 were ok, the last was con boots with resilient/ freedom/ refreshing. Yeah crafting is way better.