Crafting feels terrible

Something needs to be done about crafting. Crafting feels more like gambling than being a master craftsman. Either let us salvage half of the resources spent to craft or give us items to reroll perks even if you can only reroll 1-2 times per item. If I spend 200k to craft rings and get 2 legendary rolls it just pisses me off and makes me want to quit the game again. (Just came off a 1.5 month break because of the bugs) crafting feels terrible in its current state.

I disagree I think making it hard to craft legendary gear is what makes them so valuable. If it was easy then everyone would have a BIS set.

The game is below 30k players so obviously a majority of the players agree the crafting feels terrible. Never have I played an mmo where if you maxed a crafting profession you lose money by crafting. Makes no sense and needs to be reworked.

you mean the countless legendary items that have terrible stats / perks and you pray to RNG… Yeah no thanks.

and even then to have a chance to make said items. You need the max level and then trophies, then the crafting clothes and then food to increase your chances. Only to craft a legendary to salvage.

Crafting shouldn’t be about luck or rng to craft a legendary armor or weapon. Make the materials harder to get because right now the legendary crafting mats are super easy to get .

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