Crafting fix, move range to 595-605

Crafting fix.

Make the range 595-605, instead of 595-600.

That would weight 6 of 11 rolls as 600.

Anything over 600 becomes a base 600.

Other interaction in a deeper system

Factor in users gear score and trade aptitude.

I was wondering why I was sitting at 590-600. Needed armorers inspiration.

So I thought, if it raises the bottom end,

Why can’t it raise the top end.

Not sure how hard to code.

But it would surely alleviate crafters issue.

The real issue being ability to actually select perks

At this time, it is better to buy off the market,

Than to craft yourself.

The effort in resources, perk mod cost attrib mod cost, time to actually Ironman the resources for a few crafts, since it’s ro random. It’s like playing the lottery.

And I’m on Camelot now, and resources are camped 24-7. So no more ori farming for me.

The market is hopping, but only with 600s.

I think too many people are too rich. Some post WTS 10 600s. When I’m lucky, and I mean lucky, to craft 1 in 4. And I keep what I craft since that’s why I’m crafting. But bad runs and you’re out of resources for a week. And I’m not spending 20 hours a week to spend 5 minutes trying to get a lucky roll. It’s simply stupid effort. Buy it and save the money. I figured I spent 30k to roll some items and I got nothing. Keep trying, maybe luck a 100k item, a 250k item. Ya that’s the kind of money going around. And I can get that lucky, but have kept those 100k items. It’s too much to try and do it as a profession. At least as an Indy.

So change the range modifier, so I can craft some 600s with guarantee.

Thanks much,

Sol of Camelot

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