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This is going to be BIG, there are so many SETS so that means lots of LOADOUTS 1 or 2 wont be enough, i can name a couple of loadouts: PVP, PVE, Luck Set, Mining, harvesting, logging, skinning, Fishing, smelting, tanner, weaver, Woodworking, stonecutting, Jewelcrafter, Weaponsmith, Engeneering etc. I Would love to have Default Ones and 3 Costumized.

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I have an idea which I think is far more simple to implement and yet an effective solution to the general gear loadout problem in New World.

How about a feature that allows us to label/tag our gear pieces (individually) with a naming of our choice. After naming all pieces of a set with the same “label” name, we only have to type that “label” name in the search bar of our inventories and filter out everything leaving only the pieces of gear that we actually want to equip.

For example, you right-click on a piece of armor and select this new option called “Label”. A new window appears where it allows you to give it a name like “PvP gear” or whatever. You continue doing the same for all your PvP armor/weapon pieces and at the end, u just have to type PvP gear in the Search bar at the top of your inventory and filter out the PvP gear from the rest of your items in your inventory.

This feature in my opinion should be quite easy and fast to implement since we already have the search feature implemented in the game and should give room to ppl to create all sorts of loadouts, maybe even having multiple labels on an item that is used in more than one set. Additionally to this, I would love to see the Search function expand further and let us sort out gear by attributes or Perk Names <3

I love this idea. I had similar idea of having “equip smelter gear” or “equip armoring gear” -button at top of every crafting table menu. So you could still enjoy your profession clothing aesthetics.

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Why not remove crafting sets and release a new tool for each crafting type which has the bonus?

Love it mate - one of, if not THE best idea I’ve seen in a long time… +1

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Genius and simple idea with huge impact!

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This is an interesting idea. Though I am personally biased towards House Mannequins that allow you to display your crafting sets while providing you the buffs, anything is better than nothing right now for sure.


I LOVE this idea.

It’s a pain in the rump to go sorting through tons of gear to put on entire sets of crafting gear just to do 5 or 6 items.

If for some reason it isn’t technically possible to store your gear at the station, may I suggest that you do something like Trophy Slots in player housing. That way the items could be stored in one (or more) of your houses and the effects would be server wide, like they are with housing trophies.

Call it a “closet”, “wardrobe”, “hangers”, whatever, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this!

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awesome idea! this even will give AGS the opportunity, to put some GS Scaling on that gear for higher percentages on crafts ! :wink:

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There has been a number of times lately where I’ve forgotten to put my pvp gear back on before rushing out to help take/defend a fort. This will prevent me from making dumb mistakes like that, haha

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same i just unlocked the smelters top and have been craftiung charcoal in my spare time while waiting to load into opr and will sometimes play half a match wondering why im dieing so quickly and then realize i forgot to switch back

So the game changes my outfit when entering the crafting station, and reverts it when exiting the crafting station? If I don’t put on the clothes and don’t even see the clothes, do they even exist? That’s one step away from not having outfits at all, just a permanent bonus to crafting yield or quality.

Same issue with the idea to auto-equip gathering outfits (higher up in thread) at each node. Why even have the outfits at that point? Let’s just make everything a calculator bonus with zero gameplay effort. Next we’ll just log in and collect farming/expedition rewards by email, then log back out… because playing the actual game is tedious. Think that’s a stretch? We used to adventure to different towns to use their sheds and trading posts. That was a fun gameplay loop that was closed off to people who enjoyed it. Crafters are next on the chopping block, then we can rename the game Combat & Calculators.

damn this post got some love for sure!


While we are at it, can we separate the gathering perks from the skills?? I have spend thousands changing attributes for different gathering sessions.



Any dev response ?

QOL 100% so tired of changing them to do dailies.

They just need to implement my feature request, take a look at my thread:

So you can save and quickly load crafting loadouts (among others) !

Great Idea. QoL for sure!!