Crafting Improvement List

I would suggest adding a few things to the crafting system immediately.

  1. For the sake of the crafters, add a “crafted by” field at the bottom of the item they craft. This is a staple in a game where crated gear is a part of the economy and crafters love that extra bit where people will seek them out because the gear they crafted is kickass etc

  2. Remove the crafted gear from being BoP. What in the hell is that all about? We don’t spend 50-100k gold or countless hours grinding these professions to craft BoP gear. This was a stupid move and any crafter from any other MMO would agree.

  3. If GS is capped for normal drops to be 600, let crafters craft unique legendary special resources that choose 2 perks (or a statistics and perk) and roll up to 620 or something like that so that end game crafters don’t have to endlessly roll Orichalcum XYZ bs a jillion times with level 200 refining items.

  4. Don’t modify already learned recipes and downgrade them from legendary to epic (like you did with Windsinger and others). This is obnoxious. We farm for or buy these recipes and you change them after? Infuriating.

  5. Give crafters the ability to choose a skin for the weapons/gear we craft. or at the very least add a transmog system into the game that exists outside of the ultra-limited in-game item shop skins…

  6. This one is a stretch and I don’t see it happening but screw it… Add in trader-specific vendors so crafters can toss up an NPC shop in their own home(s) to sell items in their own shop without paying trading taxes but I can’t imagine AGS ever actually doing this one. Would be pretty neat though to unlock something like this at level 200 crafting. Would need to be limited to crafted items only and a different vendor for each skill type IMO but hey what do I know…

I am sure there is plenty of stuff I’m missing here but this stuff has been on my mind lately as I’ve been grinding the shit out of professions trying to be a jack of all trades and master of all. I imagine this will get lost in the mess of ramblings/bugs/feedback but I felt I at least needed to say it.

Feel free to add to the list everyone!


Hey ModernGamer, thanks so much for taking the time to put this list together!

While I can’t promise that we’ll be able to implement all of your suggestions, you definitely have some good ideas here that I think the game team will appreciate. I especially like the idea of having a “crafted by description” on forged items!

Do let us know if you have any other suggestions and I will go ahead and pass your list on to the team!

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Linking two other crafting suggestion posts here to keep all this together. Clearly, many crafters want more out of crafting (and it seems the “made by” tag is a popular one with most). Really like all your suggestions here and agree with them all. And ya, the in house store is probably a stretch, but a GREAT one to aim for.

Also check out suggestion crafting using more than one craft mod by Oria, with some fantastic ideas by others in there as well, and my own crafting suggestions also. Thanks for the really good suggestions, and lets keep them coming.



oh snap, I wasn’t actually expecting a response! haha thank you for that!

Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be peeling through those forum posts as well! Love seeing the feedback that is constructive!

At the moment I’m not crafting anything.
Because I have no control over what ends up on the armor or weapon.
I’m a level 200 engineer and I’m too stupid to create a spear or bow with the stats and perks I want?
That’s more the level of an apprentice than the level of a master engineer!
It’s like ordering a steak with fries, herb salad and ketchup on the fries in a restaurant.
The ingredients cost 15€
But because the chef is too stupid to get the desired result, because it is random and he is only allowed to determine one ingredient, I get a steak with croquettes, lamb’s lettuce and mustard on the croquettes.
I then get to pay 15€ for that.
Would you go to this restaurant again?
Or cook something for yourselves?
Where you never know what you will end up with on your plate?


Do you know when this happened?.. I had crafted a windsinger recently and it turned out epic. I spent the longest time farming the mats for it thinking I was going to get a nice legendary staff as advertised. Thanks in advance!

This change happened when the Void Gauntlet update/life staff nerf patch launched in mid-November. Here is a link that shows what the Windsinger was supposed to be prior to the nerf.

Now looking at it in more detail, it appears that it should still retain the 3 perks and socket which is suppose to be a function of legendary items however its an Epic now.

Here is the link for how the item is now. Sure the blessed buff nerf sucks but that was universal.

The fact that this item retains its 3rd perk makes me believe that it was not intended to be downgraded to Epic and that it was a mistake. Can anybody in AGS clarify here? @FancyFenrir

For sure, I get that example. But it’s even more like telling the chef you want a burger and being able to choose the type of cheese and then paying $15 for every attempt that the chef makes for trying to craft the burger you want lol. Real dumb :rofl:

I’d say hell allow for a 200 skill crafter to be a bit more selective than this random chance crap or at least allow for them to select another perk or attribute that has a “low, moderate, or very high” chance at rolling when they put in the azoth, etc when they get to level 200.

I understand there has to be a balance so not everyone runs around with god-tier everything, but still. I spent about 50k trying to roll a “perfect” life staff and came up with a bunch of absolute trash. It is really disheartening and makes you not want to craft especially not as a rewarding profession and that really stinks in an MMO


Thanks, so it looks like we’re on the same page. I saw the nerf to ‘Blessed’ in the patch notes… but didn’t see anything regarding the Windsinger staff being changed in the notes. I submitted a bug report nearly 2 weeks ago and haven’t received a response on it yet. The Windsinger I have turned out epic and only had 2 traits on it where the speed buff is not there. I would of never have never spent the time to gather the mats and have this made if I new the end product was to turn out as such. Thanks for the response ModernGamer!

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Oh snap so yours did actually lose the 3rd perk. I’ve refused to craft it since they downgraded it b.c i didnt want to waste the mats and not get all 3 perks. Wild. I’m sorry to hear that!

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