Crafting in core is badly designed

After playing since launch, on average 8h per day I saw many things in this game which are fundamentally flawed and they were since the preview I played over 1 year ago.
One of the most important things I do in game is crafting and trading and those things are doomed in this game and have no meaning before you get lvl 200 and even after that at some point it’s gonna be meaningless too.

  1. To lvl up you need craft items and in 1000s but there is no market for most of those items across all professions, so you just throw it away or in some cases you can salvage it.
    Waste of time and money, pointless grind. It breaks those fantastic immersion in the game.
    Grind as grind still should have some meaning and sense into it to make the game enjoyable. I reached a few professions lvl 200. Was it worth it, did I enjoy it ?
    Hello NOOOOOOO.
    There is some solutions to it,

a.) For example change town quest so they ask you to donate 500 week potions instead of 5 and give better monetary rewards like 100 g for it and same time remove exploration quest and make them separate category, which give more exp so ppl who lvl up can experience immersion of the game rather then exploit town boards.
Better developed settlements require more items for lower price when lower developed settlements need more paying higher price. It’s gonna make ppl travel to other settlements selling there, making income for them.
The town quest gonna stabilize low end markets creating demand for low tire items
and let ppl who start crafting have a stable low income.

b.) have some items possible to be upgraded for example 5 weak potions can be made into 1 strong, / 5 strong into 1 powerful. etc.
Repair kits: 5 t2 into 1 t3 and etc. again in gona create demand for those low tier items and ppl with higher lvl gonna have the option to buy raw materials and make t5 items or buy lower tier and upgrade it to make better proffits. Or possible to salvage it for crafting components.

c.) Make more quest to craft some items where you later give it to npc to lvl up you crafting skills like iron armaments etc

d.) Some things have durability or time use only like trophies. You can use it for a week and then get a new one. Make items to upgrade it more common or possible to salvage higher tier trophies to get artifact items back. And then you can recraft it again.**

  1. Second problem is end game items since more ppl hitting up max level and HWM there is gonna be more and more end game items bring prices down till they gonna be worthless in some point my gusse 3-4 more months and you gonna buy legendary armor for 100 gold coins
    You need to have some sink for end game items .
    I don’t see any easy solution for it,

a.) one it could be some extreme zones with full loot pvp or if you die you gear can break and you can’t repair it , tho I m not big fun of it

b.) Second is some kind of enchanting system where you salvage gear and getting some items and you need 100s of that item to create an even better piece of gear

c.) solution like in albion where you can sell your gear to corrupted and they can later drop it to another player. and remove rng generated gear.
I said on the launch day to my guildmates that this game gonna die in about 6 months. if the fundamental issues and bugs are not gonna get fixed, that’s the path we are heading atm.

PS: Lot of ppl complain about exploiting food buffs . I see it as a blessing in disguise .
Everyone can easily do it without hacking, exploiting the game, is just a mechanic since the beginning of the game, not sure if it is intended or not. but it creates demand for trade foods so there is meaning to craft them there is a market for it. and if everyone is using them there is not really any advantage in wars.

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