Crafting iron weapons

I am stuck, literally in advancing my weaponsmithing. My skill is 39. To make basic iron weapons, fae iron, a rare is required. My mining skill is 106. I mine every day and seldom does fae iron drop. Now to craft a basic lvl 1 iron swords, fae iron is required. This is a lvl 0 skill. So I have to find or buy fae iron, craft iron swords, a level 0 weaponsmithing skill. I can craft 100 iron swords and get absolutely NO ADVANCE in weaponsmithing skill. What purpose does that serve besides wasting coin on rare fae iron, and wasting iron ingots I spend all day farming. I am perplexed at how to advance my weapon smithing skill at this point.

My mining is over 130 and I still haven’t seen a single fae iron piece drop. Shrugs.

farm the bears in weavers fen for easy fae iron

That is a great suggestion Abyssal and thanks. I just started that area today. But the problem still lies with the crafting of the Lvl 0 iron sword. Despite any number I have crafted , much to my dismay, Weaponcrafting skill is NOT going up. I am stuck on lvl 39. I have plenty of mats for steel swords which is a lvl 50 skill, but can’t craft because I’m stuck on 39. Tis a quandry on how to move forward. But thank you for pointing me to the bears.

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That’s 110 and gives a lot of loadstone

I thought it was just a flat 100 tbh
And well you can dump the lodestone, outside of weavers bears you pretty much have stack as much luck as you can (armour, bag, food etc) and spam mine iron nodes

Did you never see any trade skill leveling guide?
You basically craft only iron rapier or sword until you hit 100…

Also fae iron… What abyssal stated is not a bad idea, but you should wear a gear with mining luck +x%… With the 110 mining that you needs for the bears, it’s a good chance you get some. But with the luck gear and that level of mining you also could get it from iron veins… Using mining luck boosting food also gives you a very decent chance to get those. But those early unique weapons does not worth the investment.
You usually could start to get these rare mats when you are much higher levels, so those low level items does not worth it, and not worth selling as you spend more money on them that you can sell them. Players level up too fast on that level and won’t spend money in AH as they are switching out weapons too fast.

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