Crafting is unsustainable

Unless you are part of a company that owns WW EF or want to spend hours and hours grinding dungeons and chests to hope you get a right timeless shard that otherwise costs 2000 gold.

Fortunately craft mods are moving in the right direction but those are still a cool 3000-10000 gold per roll unless you wanna spend hours and hours of hope.

I have made 360000 coin off of 2 bissy items i managed to roll. Since then I have rolled well about 400000 coin worth of mats, shards and trinkets looking for the same luck.

And well it sucks and it makes me want to stop doing it. It was about the only thing that still potentially appealed to me as a goal progressing financially by crafting gear.

So like things have to change. My thoughts are maybe you can keep perks random but by adding azoth or some new item to the mix you can influence perk pools that you will pull from, pvp vs pve, weapon vs crafting / harvesting. There is still reason enough to craft good ward gear so its not like everyone would only use pvp but I’m basically not doing it anymore after trying to be a cheerleader for you guys, cause the way i want to enjoy the game feels bad and unrewarding cause I guess I’m unlucky outside of 2 rolls.

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Yea, I have engineering and armorsmithing maxed, and, as a predominantly solo player, leveling up those professions was basically a huge waste of money/time.

They should add bind on pick recipes for crafters, so they can at least craft good gear for themselves. Alternatively, they could also allow crafters to make 1 bind on pickup item per week where they get to choose the attribute and 2 perks. The third perk would still be random if you rolled a legendary.


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