Crafting Isn’t Fun - Please Fix

The crafting system on new world has become untenable. Yesterday I wasted 10 rolls armoring an ori plate helmet because my buffs had me at 590–600 instead of 595-600. Why? Taxes were paid, buffs were up, clothing was on, trophies in place, materials were right… I assume it was because the town buff. My mistake, but now ~40k in mats down the drain. And I’m pissed off.

Mistakes like this are all too common. Combined with other major problems in the crafting system, it’s just not fun. It’s the opposite. But the point of new world is to have fun isn’t it? Here are three changes you could make right now to make the system more enjoyable:

1- no more purple GS 600 crafted items. If it’s 600, it’s legendary. Doing otherwise is a kick in the nuts.

2- reduce the chances of unrealistic and undesirable craft mod combos on crafted items. Like Corrupted Ward + Resilient or Healer abilities on heavy strength gear. That sort of nonsense. Make low value perks like ruinous or indestructible extremely rare and boost the chances of more important ones, like refreshing or attunement.

3- provide safeguards so idiots like me don’t waste materials!! We live in an age of AI. Certainly you can alert someone when the crafting range is 590–600 instead of 595–600 or better.

Thank you!

Hello @Yauch,

Hope you all are doing well.

I apologize for anyinconvenience caused to you due to the crafting system.

We at Amazon love to hear from our players and try to implement their feedback requests in order to improve the game-play.

Hence, I recommend you to kindly submit this as an feedback by using the feedback option in game.

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