Crafting Jewellery is too expensive

I’ve recently hit 200 Jewelcrafting and noticed that Asmodeum Jewellery is extremely expensive, not to mention the craft mods + Timeless shards required on top.

If I was to attempt to make a 600 GS BiS Amulet, it would cost me 15 Asmo (6000 Gold) an Amulet shard (3000 Gold) 10 Constitution Mods (4500 gold) and the craft for Divine (2000 gold) which makes 15.5k Gold just to attempt a 20% chance of a legendary on top of the rolling from like 26 other mods the second and third could be ?

16k gold just to attempt to craft an amulet is the reason why there are people attempting to sell amulets for three times the amount of gold one person can carry. And why the market is flooded with jewellery 300k+

The main reason for this costing so much is obviously cause every single class needs these items. A BiS jewellery with Con can be used by multiple classes and this makes them sought after by everyone. Where as a BiS Spear or Chestpiece is only sought after by a much smaller percentage of people.

Keeping this in mind, as long as the state of the economy atm with millions and millions of gold being traded constantly, should the cost for crafting be reduced ? Silver bands only cost 4 Silver ingots, why do Asmodeum ones cost 8?
Timeless jewellery shards should be much more easier to be found. I have 10-20 random weapon ones that I’ll never use, but the ones everyone need are few and far between.

Proposing a change to the drop rate of shards will decrease its price, allowing them to be more affordable. Dropping the crafting cost will enable people to feasibly make a few without owning a town.

The biggest issue I find here is that if you aren’t in a mega company and own at least 1 town making literal Millions of gold per week, you can’t even attempt to make your own. I haven’t even mentioned the 150,000 you need just for 3 trophies. It’s super hard for 90% of the players to stand a chance against these titans as it is. My suggestion should only help most people catch up and actually give us a chance to be on equal ground.

P.S this is just a suggestion and a theory. If you didn’t read all of this and just comment “GeT gOoD aNd JuSt MaKe MoNeY” you are missing the point. I want to spark discussions and get ideas for a healthier game.


Please do not give BIS easily available to all players. Make it hard to get. Odds like this is fair and should remain, if not made even harder.


So that the towns that have millions of gold can all buy BiS for their entire company and be literally unbeatable forever?
This creates an unfair balance and a snowball effect whenever someone owns a town. It’s literally impossible to win against a town with BiS everything.


Didn’t read all that but tldr weapon/jewel/armor are all too expensive. The reason is the RNG. By itself it’s not that bad if you craft 5 armors and let’s say you get at least 1 legendary. But no, RNG. I’ve made 20 armors, without single good one. I believe that’s around 200k in mats. Anyways. Once I realized that I’m done. It’s a lottery. Cheaper to buy on the TP, but of course all the decent items are not on there why, because controlling companies have bought them all up. This game’s crafting system makes Diablo 3’s system look like a joke.



BIS for sure shouldn’t be as hard to obtain as it is. Should it be easy? Naw…but it’s beyond difficult for your average player.

All crafts are like this. Welcome to RNG world where you will spend millions in gold just to make 1 piece and then have people wonder why stuff sometimes cost 200k or gold cap in some cases.

I rolled 10 dex legs and 10 dex gloves today. They all came with str weapon perks or mage weapon perks. All useless.


Companies having millions of gold is another set of problem that need to be addressed,
Making BIS easily accessible to all should not be the answer.
A better way is to reduce the millions of gold by increasing inflation and flushing the additional cash out of their hands into hardworking farmers who are getting the craftable mats into the AH

Inflation is one thing. Crafting is another. Craft mods cost a fortune because of rarity. Asmodeum and Phoenixweave and such don’t cost a fortune per piece but when you need 100’s of each it then costs a fortune. All to roll salvage crap.

People roll 100’s of thousands worth of materials at a time and it all ends up garbage. Companies roll millions of gold worth of materials at a time and a lot of it is garbage. This doesn’t have to do with inflation. This has to do with how bad RNG is and how rare stuff is that people need to roll.

I rolled 20 pieces of dex armor just an hour ago. Light dex armor for bow. All pieces rolled with either str weapon perks or mage weapon perks. Because its dex its worthless to everyone. Its all salvage man. All of it. Thats a lot of money, time, and materials just flushed down the drain so I can get 3 gold back in salvage. This is not the answer. It needs to be better. At least roll from a pool that the stat freaking uses.


To OP, not just jewellery though. Crafting in general at this stage is way too expensive for average Joes who gather mats themselves.
If you want to craft bis great axe, it would even be more insane.
Oh and I am still pantless :joy:

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Maybe. But why must it be luck that makes it hard to get?

Cause that’s make it hard to come by and rewarding. Imagine 90 out of 100 people have all BIS, how is that a bragging right? How is that a good design.

People forget that you do not need BIS to play in the game or progress in the game.
It’s just like the people crying for the rabbit chest.
Do not feel obligated to have everything in the game that is dished out. It’s the mentality of a spoil brat. Be grateful that you have something ur neighbour does not have and do not envy what he has that you do not.

Its expensive because people making it expensive.
If you want to make it cheaper ask the devs to make the mats more accesible or non collectable or just strike at the main root of the problem, the high city income.
Like the asmodeum have a high price because guilds are storing hundreds of it because they cant do anything with their golds so they are keeping millions in asmodeum. Without that massive buyer the asmo would be as expensive as any other cd mat, around 150g.

Not speaking about Insignias for Constitution being as expensive as Asmodeum…

crafting high-end gear is a SCAM in this game honestly. but it’s one of the few things that keep the economy flowing. I however DO agree that jewel crafting needs a little love in the RNG department. Why don’t we have a guaranteed 600 schematic thingy as the other crafting professions do?

Some idea’s to help alleviate the cost a little.

  1. Make con mods and others purchasable through the faction vendor. it doesn’t have to be cheap, but not 300-400 gold PER expensive.
  2. give us a way, even if it’s only during limited-time events or with the PVP salt, and even if it’s expensive in event tokens to BUY certain high-value mods. make it so it would be difficult to flood the server, but it allows individuals who put enough effort in to get a few of these high-quality mods ‘free’ (now I’m sure someone is going to remind me that u can get all of these mods “free” in the first place but we all know some of these mods have a similar drop rate to that rabbit chest )

Then I think it would be fair to nerf these BIS items’ effect on PvP performance. Or else your PvP scene will go stale. As the rich get richer and poor gets poorer. Ultimately leading to the decisions of many of the 95% or more to just leave game. For something more fun and less grindy.

That fact that New World is only been out for like 8 months. And is already more grindy than most Korean Grinder MMOs. Should tell a lot. Sounds to me that you don’t like people playing this game. Which is fine it’s understandable, that the upper echelon would want to close the door behind them. It’s pretty much what they have done IRL.

Already I’m seeing less concurrent players playing this game. Then in Open World Forced PvP click to play MMOs. This game has actually dipped below the niche point. And is heading to be considered another dead MMO. Remember unlike RL this is a game. People have the option to just quit.

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i bet my hat that if you could get decent if not near bis items considerably more easily/cheaper than currently, people would return en-mass just to check it out. the population would be poppin again and that would not be a bad thing imo.

Hard disagree.

  1. The market price is all relative and driven by supply and demand of the server. If you think the mats are too expensive then just sell them and buy the BiS from another crafter.

  2. It’s debatable whether it should even be possible to craft a BiS item. In most other MMOs it isn’t. Gold is way too powerful in this game. Rich companies shouldn’t be able to buy their way to the top, as they can now, and it certainly should not be made easier.

What’s crazy to me is that it costs 15 asmo to make a necklace? How can you need 10 for a rapier or hatchet but 15 for a necklace? New’s flash: There is WAY more metal in a hatchet or rapier than there is in a necklace…

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Yes because I like using 100k gold worth of materials after spending 300k gold on top of grinding the skill 8 hours a day for weeks just to be able to craft that high and getting a bag full of dex targeted armor with str and int weapons perks paired with logging luck.