Crafting just got a hell of a lot harder (and more inconvenient)

Every patch we get, new perks are added to the game. This means that the “perfect” roll you are after becomes more elusive as the perk pool becomes even more saturated. There needs to be some control over what can be rolled and what cannot. For example. I just rolled a pair of heavy pants which came with “Shirking Energy”… seriously? A heavy piece of equipment which has a perk which is actually 100% useless. For the time being, I won’t be crafting a single item in this game because of how it has grown (and will continue to grow) unbounded unless addressed.

Thoughts everyone and Devs? I think this is an absolute key topic to discuss for the future of crafting in this game.


I can’t argue with this, at all. I firmly believe crafting needs to become far more determistic - not less.


Yeah, a light armor perk should definitely be locked from rolling on a heavy piece.

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I have to commend the devs for introducing timeless shards etc in the beginning because that means they can identify sore points in the game with crafting. With that being said, I hope they can see this is just as serious. As the greatsword (which I am so stoked for) and celestial gauntlet make their transitions into the game, we will see this hurt the crafting environment even more.

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