Crafting making ships and airship mounts And Ship Battle Pvp

New world can add crafting recipes for classes to be able to make ships and airships to sell on the trading post.
As new world expands players would need mounts to traverse zones.
These Zones would need players to use mounts to travel through the sea
flying through the clouds.

  • While In the Air there would be flying monsters that would attack the ship and invade.
  • open world mini boss that flies in the air
  • Flying monsters can damage the airship and destroy it
  • Players can use airship weapons to damage the monsters

Party vs Flying Boss from their airship:

Ship mount Openworld sea exploration:

Day - Dusk (sunset) - Night - Dawn (sunrise) - Day ( cycle of day to night ) (clockwise rotation)

  • In New world in a clockwise direction, Day would be 100 minutes then it will be dusk for 30 mins then Night for 50 minutes, Then Dawn for 30 minutes then Day again for 100 minutes.
    ( during the day to night cycle there will be a random chance for a random weather effect which will last for 30 minutes )

  • ( rain and wind, rain and lightning, Fog and mist etc ) these can occur during any time day or night time. They will have 30 mins duration example ( rain and wind for 30 mins ) then the weather would return to normal.

  • weather effects like snowfall and blizzards can be the exclusive weather effect to great cleave and any snow zones and sandstorms for brimstone sands and sand zones.

  • Weather effects (would change with different time zones in the open world)
    These weather effects will occur randomly and will last 30 minutes then the weather will return to normal
    storm, lightning,
    rain, windy
    sunny and clear, windy
    snowfall, icy blizzards, ( only to great cleave and ice and snow zones )
    sand storm ( only to brimstone sand and desert zones )
    mist and fog
    sea tsunami, tornadoes, and mini to giant waves ( water effects that occur with the weather effects)

The weather effects would have visual effects and sound effects to add to the atmosphere.

Players can customize their ships

  • apply different theme skins and dyes: to
  • the equipment armor and weaponry
  • flag sails
  • steering wheel
  • figurehead
  • capstan
  • ship hull

example of ship skins for equipment: ship components

The ships would be able to move through the sea and ram itself into opposing ships.

ship skin cosmetic designs


captains cabin inside of the ship:

  • The features to customize the ship are here

ship customization:

ship pvp battles

  • with ships, there can be a pvp mode with ship battles. Company vs Company
    Company vs Company vs Company vs Company

  • a ship battle outpost rush total of 25 to 30 players

  • 5 players on each team ( company ), 1 team on each ship

  • 5 players would be on each ship, 5 to 6 companies

  • 5 to 6 ships battling each other on the giant map

  • 5 to 6 teams to battle each other.on the sea
    red team vs blue team vs green team vs yellow team vs purple team vs orange team

  • health meter colour should be different for each team, the teams would know currently what team they are battling.

example blue team
all members of the blue team would have blue health meter

  • game mode objective to win: sink the other players ship Or Destroy their entire pirate crew ( each crew mate can have 1 life revive, after dying they can spawn into the match, when it reaches zero they are out of the match and can only spectate )

  • see more different mission objectives further down on this post
    ( objective 1 or objective 2 or objective 3 completing any of these would make that team win )

  • the ship crew can cross to the opposing company ship with a swivel harpoon gun or use grappling hook, and swim and climb into their ship to defeat the players.

  • They can damage opposing company ships with cannonballs, spear harpoons, and airborne motor blasts ( and the many ship weapons )

  • Crew members of the ship would be able to reload cannonballs and repair the ship’s health. ( repair damage to the walls and mast of the ship and put out fire with water, )

  • After the match, The ship would need to be repaired which would take resources.

  • The Winners would gain resources be gold and other crafting and food items, ammo items, blueprints ( schematics ) etc

Airships flying mounts would be needed to reach zones that are like a Mountainous Castle
or a Floating city in the Clouds.

castle built on the mountains: cannot be reached by ordinary transport
this castle is built on the mountain by the faction of the sky, these warriors have adapted to the cold climate.
This faction have unique technology using gears and engineers to build airship and other flying machinery. ( the airships have weapons and armour equipped ).
Castle built on the mountains:

Floating city of jewels: It is said that this mysterious city appears and vanishes at random, legends say that it is but an illusion, not reality. when sailors try to land on the city they fall through it into the ocean below.

The sky factions transport: built by the sky faction using technology that allows sailors to venture in the clouds and the horizons.

open world ship battle pvp and ship battle pvp game mode:
Ship battle can have open world pvp, and a ship battle pvp game mode like outpost rush

  • Player would be able to have open world ship battle pvp with other players

  • Players would verse npc ships like ghost ships, monster ships , human faction ships

  • there would be ship battle pvp game mode between factions

  • ship battle pvp destroying opposing players ship or eliminating opposing players crew

  • defeating npc ships would give resources wood - cannonballs - gold - ammo etc

  • Npc ship open world mini boss legendary and ghost ships and sea monsters

  • some open world mini boss would be underwater, the player would swim under to battle these.

to make some species unique, after battling the underwater sea monster would hop out of the water and battle on land.

  • These open world boss monsters would have bounty quest players compete for monster coins

The open world mini boss can be one / two open world mini bosses which the player would verse simultaneously ( this would make the mini boss fight more exciting )

  • Npc fort towers that would use mortar blasts and cannonballs at players ship
  • The sea and ocean would have floating items players can collect
    ,they would also contain barrels that would be an item or dynamite that would do an area effect damage.

ghost ship: flying dutchman

  • the ship that sails for eternity, aged ship with distorted design

  • can be a open world boss in the ocean of new world

other ghost ships:

ship battle with npc ships:

open world mini boss npc ship: legendary and ghost ships

Island fort towers Npc: there would be Npc towers that would throw cannonballs and aerial mortar blasts at players ship

Ship Battles

using powder kegs to blast ship:
repairing the mast as the ship can’t move without it

putting out fire with water buckets:

repairing damage to ship from holes as it will flood:

Ship battle manoevurs:

Ship battle objectives to win:

  • During the outpost rush 25 to 30 player
    5 to 6 team battle
    5 to 6 ships ( 5 players on each ship )

  • completing any of these objectives would be a victory for the team

  • multiple objectives are multiple ways to win, this is an awesome game design, as a losing team can get the victory by the other objectives. it also adds more dimension to gameplay as players have to change their gameplay tech.

objective 1

  • Destroying and sinking The Opposing Company Ship To Win

objective 2

  • defeating opposing players crew ( each crew mate would have 1 life to self revive )
  • defeating the captain ( can be randomly selected before match or chosen by crew )
  • defeating special units ( musket snipers )
  • destroying opposing players flag ( can be destroyed by ship weapon or player )
    To Win

Objective 3

  • plundering ( stealing ) the other teams ship’s resources To Win

( defeating the opposing player would drop the stolen resource and return it back to the owners ship )

  • each team’s ship would have 5 resources point to plunder ( steal )
    scattered around the ship’s cabins.

Pvp rewards:

  • rewards gained gold, drink, food , ammo items, blueprints (schematics)

players would unlock more ship upgrades and weapons by using ship blueprints
(ship schematics)

  • The ship schematics can be like housing schematics, discovered in the open world and from activities

  • To add more rarity to the blueprint, after a player uses the blueprint to craft their ship design / weapon / armour, the player would need to re-acquire the same blueprint again, if they wanted the same ship weapon or armour or design again.
    ( as a single blueprint is used for the construction of one item only )

example of ship blueprints ( schematics )

weapon blueprint for a new cannon:

  • This cannon blueprint is to build one cannon for the ship

  • if the player wanted to add 5 cannons to their ship they would need 5 cannon blueprints.


each swivel gun would have its own blueprint:


each ammo would have its own blueprint:

example each ammo is unique and have different effects ( their own damage type )

chain cannon ball blueprint:

  • this cannonball is unique as it has chain attached to it

  • if this cannon hits the ship’s steering wheel, capstan, or mast it will break it instantly

spear harpoon rope gun blueprint:

  • the rope is attached to the spear harpoon

  • used to damage the opposing ship and used to board and invade

  • this weapon type can also damage and take out opposing players

  • used to damage sea monsters

  • opposing players can detach the spear harpoon from their ship by attacking the rope to break it apart


grappling hook rope blueprint:


  • the rope is thrown like a grenade by the sailor

  • manually used by the player to attach the hook onto the opposing ship to board and invade

  • opposing players can detach the grappling hook from their ship by attacking the rope to break it apart

grappling hook gameplay:

mortar airborne blueprint: each design of the mortar turret would have its own blueprint

design A single turret:

design B: vertical Multi turret

design C: horizontal turrets


flame thrower blueprint: each design of the flame thrower would have its own blueprint

design A: Single turret flame thrower

design B: Dual turret flame thrower

flame thrower effect: burn damage on the other ship

other types of throwers for the ship: can be and these would also
have the different design blueprints:

poison thrower: effect cause 10 second damage to opposing ship

ice thrower: effect 6 second slow to the other ship

long ranged turret blueprints:

giant melee weapon attachment blueprints that can be attached to the front and rear of the ship:

ship ramming: crashing a ship into another ship to damage it


  • These giant weapons would be used when the ship is ramming itself onto another ship

( other blueprints for weapons can be giant spear, giant sword, giant axe, giant halberd, giant lance, giant claws, and giant daggers attached at the front of the ship )

giant melee weapons: These would have weapon blueprints

giant ship spear blueprint: spear weapon attached at the front of the ship

giant sword blueprint: sword weapon attached at the front of the ship

giant axe blueprint: axe weapon attached at the front of the ship

giant lance blueprint: lance weapon attached at the front of the ship

giant triple pincer blueprint: triple pincers attached at the front of the ship

shrapnel spike blueprint: shrapnel spike attached at the rear of ship


  • different type of armour coatings would make the player’s ship more immune to different damage types and take more damage from others

armor blueprint for a new steel material coating for the ship:

example: the steel armour for the ship would make the ship take less damage from all fire based attacks but the ship would take more damage from lightning attacks

armor blueprint for wooden material coating for the ship:

the wooden armour for the ship would make the ship take less damage from lightening attacks but the ship would take more damage from all fire based attacks

  • Other armour coatings for ships can be diamond, gold, platinum, stone,
    the developers would make each ship armour coating unique from each other the positives and negatives of the different damage types in new world.

Damage Types of New world would apply to ship armour coating:

  • In new world there can be 200 different weapons and armor for ships each weapon and armour would have its 200 blueprints. ( more can be added with future updates )


ship blueprint for new ship design A:

blueprint ship design B:

blueprint ship design C: Viking theme

blueprint ship design D: medieval japan theme

  • The 40 different ships designs can be made from different civilizations and cultures

  • in new world there can be 40 different ship designs there would be blueprints for each 40 ship
    ( more design blueprints can be added with future updates )

Ship weapon types:
The ship of players and npc ships would have different weapon types:

  • Swivel guns ( hook to invade the opposing ship and can be used to takeout players)
  • Fire barrels ( barrels with dynamites )
  • Heavy shot ( Heavy cannonballs and light cannonballs )
  • Mortar ( Airborne projectiles )
  • arrow volleys
  • javelin throws
  • fire braziers (arrow and javelin fire version)
  • flame thrower
  • burning oil which leaves a trail from the rear of the ship
  • Fire bombs
  • A Catapults
  • Ram ( can crash ship into other ships )
  • Crew mates can use shields to defend themselves from blasts from other ships

( these weapon types can be added into new world as blueprints (schematics) players would farm to unlock as upgrades to their ship )

ship upgrades:

burning oil which is a weapon type from the rear of ship:

ship attachment

Hunting sea creatures:

  • spear harpoons: Throwing projectiles sharks and whales

underwater exploration for treasure and resources:

  • npc sea monsters and other sea creatures

  • if a player wanted a sea creatures material they would need to defeat it and
    acquire its materials example defeat sharks to acquire shark skin, shark fins, shark teeth.
    (This would make players venture underwater to acquire these materials for crafting and selling them on the trading post )

  • other underwater resources would include different underwater plants
    ( seaweeds, elodea, swampweed, cutleaf watermilfoil, marshweed, hydrilla)
    ( many more types of resources thats underwater )

  • treasure in underwater shipwrecks

underwater exploration: for treasure and resources

  • locked chest need keys to open
  • chests and items scattered around in the deepest part of the ocean

underwater caves

underwater battles:
under water creatures:
The underwater creatures size can be increased to make them more menacing

  • white shark, hammer head shark , frilled shark
  • dolphins
  • whales
  • jelly fish , sting ray, giant squid , eels , puffer fish
  • piranhas, angler fish , stone fish ( most venom fish ) , lion fish, seahorses,
    sea dragons

Swimming Sea monsters:

  • Sea monsters that are swimming above the ocean while others swim deep in the ocean

  • The sea monsters would be open world boss monsters, players defeat for monster coins

  • These can destroy and sink the ship

  • They can damage and defeat the player and their crew

  • Each sea monster can have its own habitat, part of the ocean that it lives

  • sea monsters would be mythical and dinosaur sea monsters as they are giant and more menacing than normal beast creatures

  • Some sea monsters will spawn at different day to night cycle

  • Kraken and leviathan and ( other mythical sea monsters can be used )

  • dinosaur sea monsters








sea ship songs shantys:
The sailors sing sea shantys as they sail their ship
players can unlock more sea shantys
zoom view: speed mode ( zooms out to view the entire ship )

Naval Forts:

  • Naval Fort Designs

  • Are Faction Bases that are on islands have weapons to destroy the player’s ship

  • In New world there can be Wars to take control of the naval bases in each island territory
    ( like the forts in land zones ). (Naval Warfare Ship battle Wars)

Island zones in new world would have their own naval forts:

  • owning an island and the naval fort that’s in it, would let the faction own the sea of that territory ( all the resources there )

  • opposing faction members that enter by swimming or use a ship would be automatically flagged for pvp

  • when the opposing faction member is destroyed the faction member would get faction medallions ( for defeating trespassers )

  • should the trespasser be victorious and defeat the faction member in their faction zone, they would get survivalist pendent.

  • inside the faction halls the giant map monitor would turn black and red, and a red light would highlight which faction owned zone has trespassers

giant map monitor world map has turned black and red, red lights display which faction owned zone has trespassers:

island zones on map:

  • there would be island zones in new world that have naval forts

  • each island would have its own naval fort
    ( which players would battle with ships to own )

  • each island would npc beast species and have resources unique to that island and underwater resources.
    ( other faction members would want that island for its unique npc species and resources )


naval siege battle: using ships and boats


Legendary Ship Battles:


  • Are used to dock ships for entry and exit
  • Can be part of settlements
  • Can be part of an island for sailors to dock their ship

ship mechanics:

  • different ship speed when sailing half sail for better steering / full sail for faster speed
  • travel speed mode of ship when sailing ( camera zooms out to see whole ship as it sails)
  • using zoom telescope item
  • harpoon sharks and whales
  • naval combat weaponry
  • using dive bell ( player can swim dive underwater)
  • ship boarding system ( can board and invade other ships )
  • rogue waves and water sprouts when sailing ( random ascend and descend of waves, mini to giant waves )
  • ship song shantys
  • ship upgrade system ( customization to make it more powerful )
  • ship storage system ( players can store items in ship )
  • crew mates have to row ship to make it move and fire weapons
  • ship can clear ice from the sea by sailing through
  • ships cosmetic system ( player can change edit design sails, figurehead, wheels, capstan, hull )
    ( in new world players should be able to put their company symbol on it )
  • long boat ( mini boat thats used for travel )
  • each crew mate can operate different parts of the ships
    example captain can steer, crew mate repair ship, use weapons etc
  • ship can be called from any docks in the world


weather effects:

  • There should be weather effects at different times ( clock system, at different times the weather changes ) in the open world

  • with their own sound effects

FFxiv clock system and different weathers at different times:


  • great cleave has no snow falling or any blizzard effects

  • brimstone sands need sand storms and sand tornadoes ( can damage the player )

  • No rain in zones and other weather effects to add to the atmosphere
    ( Currently only mourning dale has continuous rain, this should be changed so rain is in other zones, and mourning dale shouldn’t have continuous rain as it’s not realistic)

  • Rain ( should be in most zones )

As the rain falls it has its unique sound effect and causes the water puddles to splash

  • Rain and wind ( should be in most zones )
  • Stormy Rain and lightning ( should be in most zones )
  • Fog and mist ( can be exclusive weather effect to few zones )
  • Snow fall ( exclusive weather effect only for great cleave and snow and ice zones )

Blizzard ( another weather effect exclusive to only snow and ice zones )

  • sand storm ( exclusive weather effect only for brimstone sands and sand and desert zones )
    Sand storms and sand tornadoes can be added that would damage the player


an underwater city can be added while players are underwater
underwater kingdom of Atlantis: The sunken city



extra additions to the open world in New World:

  • Lighthouses are placed on hills to guide ships during the darkness ( they dont crash into the hills )


notoriety feature for open world

  • the player as they defeat other players ship , other players and npc ships and normal npc monsters they raise their wanted level

  • when their wanted level is raised to one, npc bounty hunters will hunt the player

  • bounty hunters will hunt the player with a wanted level on land using horses and on the sea the bounty hunters would use ships.

  • the higher their wanted level to more powerful npc are summoned

  • each bounty hunter is unique they have their own gear, armor,skills, weapons, titles, level
    some bounty hunters have beast as their team mates ( these also have levels and skills )

  • In new world the wanted ( notoriety ) feature can have achievements and rewards
    for having a high wanted level and how many bounty hunters they can defeat
    wanted level ( notoriety level )

  • the bounty feature would also be a gameplay for players to farm different loot and gear, items

player has maxed the notoriety gauge

player defeats bounty hunters:

npc bounty hunters have their own title, level, stats, weapons, and abilities:
and their beast pet:

player defeats npc ships to raise wanted level

player defeats npc and npc mobs


player feedback:

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I agree with ships, but not flying ships, at least not in the near future.

However, I think this would be a wonderful addition if they made new islands to explore (Essentially adding new expansions.)

PvP Ship battles would be an amazing thing. Complete with Cannon fire etc. Additional lumber storage used to repair the ship, additional cloth for the sails etc.

Engineers can craft cannon ammo to be used.

I like this idea. Seems quite ambitious.

They could just copy archeage online ship battle and make a small tweaks. I think they are using the same engine with archeageonline. I think naval combat is doable.

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