Crafting Materials are to heavy

Hello New World Team,

can you pls lower the weight of crfating materials.

i speak with many crafters ingame, they cant store enough materials that the y need to make simple T4 Stuff.

I can say only for me, i have an T4 House with 4 T3 Chests inside around 3K Space, and many of mymaterials are spread over the wohle world, becouse you cant store them in your “main” craftinghub.


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I’d rather they increase storage limits. While out in the field we can already carry a LOT of weight, so reducing the weight of crafting materials wouldn’t make much sense to me.


Also fine for me.

Also if they reduce the refinded Materials.

They really need to nerf the amount of iron you need even at high level crafting. At lvl 60 you shouldn’t be farming iron in starter zones. And it still requires tonnes of iron at max lvl crafting.

No i think its ok when you need around 5000-7000 iron for an GS 600 Weapon

If you whant gather them, buy them on the Trading Hub.

If no T1 Resources are needed the Lowlvl zones are dead in the future.

No the pyramid system is important to make sure resources don’t go obsolete in the long run (assuming the economy stabilizes or get fixed in the future)

But storage limit might need some tweaking.

I said lower the requirements not remove them completely. I feel bad mining iron in lower zones as if I am taking away resources from low level players trying to level their gathering and crafting.

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If they only lower the weight for the Refining Components to 0,01 that would be an great help for every crafter.

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