Crafting needs some minor tweeks

I have been playing for over 80 hours with almost all of that being crafting and gathering. There is a huge have and have not system right now, where metals processing and workshops seems to be well defined but the other areas not so much. Here are some small issues that have really been bothering me lately that I think can be easily fixed and make crafting a better overall experience.

  1. Make arcane sane. Right now I have one town bank with 300+ weight of arcane items in it and I can not craft single useful arcane item. Ways to fix this? Make wisps and essences able to be used as primary crafting materials for elemental items. Having all of the primaries be rare finds means that even things that should be common like healing potions can only rarely be made.

  2. Where is all of the T4 and T5 food gathering? Right now the only way to get T4 food is hunting or random chests. I do not see why there is no gathering option for food.

  3. Why does everything need iron and steel? Staves and light / medium clothing need it? Iron and steel are needed too many things. Why not swap out iron or steel for silver and gold or other items in non-forge / non-workshop crafting stations.

  4. Increase crafted item xp or reduce the amount needed to level. Right now a players level will quickly exceed what they are able to craft, especially with all of that iron farming. Making crafted gear mostly useless compared to dropped gear because the player will be 1-2 tiers above what they can make.

  5. Remove the last 1-2 level XP spike. The last couple levels in every tier seem to take more items than the ten before them. Even out the xp needed.

  6. Make higher level items slightly less reliant on lower level materials. Right now I have banks full of starstone because there is just not enough time in the day to farm enough iron to turn it into bars.

  7. Come up with better uses for rare materials. I have a lot of rare materials in my bank because they are just not used or when they are and I find them I am just far beyond the appropriate level. There should be a way to make these items useful again.

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Broccoli is a tier 4 food, FYI. And fishing is also the other alternative.

Completely agree with the overleveling part, I’ve been saying this since launch. But my suggestion has always been to simply decrease the amount of character XP you get from harvesting/crafting. As it stands, you’re “punished” for deciding to try and get your crafting up to match your character level, by keeping your character level out of reach of your crafting. If a player decides “ok, I’m going to spend the day getting my armoring up to the point where it’s relevant to me”, it shouldn’t end with their character level being vaulted above what their original end point in crafting would have been. Needs maybe a 30% nerf to character xp, IMO.

Personally I like this better than the inverse, which is what you suggested, because increasing the crafting level xp can have weird run away effects on the player base, since less mats would need to be used overall.

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I completely agree with this it is very frustrating to make all crafting rely one 2 main ingredients. I don’t know if this is their way of forcing you to specialize in just a few crafting specializations at a time, but it is annoying and doesn’t make sense. Why do you need metal to make cloth? I think there could be a better option to slow down leveling for this.

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