Crafting NEEDS this... urgently

Hey friends,

I wanted to point out a problem that I thought would be dealt with long ago, but since it isn’t here is my feedback so hopefully something will be done about it.

It is currently impossible to craft with the current system and droprate of the different Insignias. A SINGLE Constitution Insignia is currently worth as much as Asmodeum on my server (see screenshot below)

The price is slightly lower for other insignias but still very expensive (100+ gold for one). And you need 10 of these to craft a single item (that will most likely be rubbish but thats another story). This makes crafting weapons and armors impossible.

Please DEVS, make those insignias either drop more from highlevel content, or reduce the number needed for a craft to a single one.

I am sure any crafter could tell you the same, but as we aren’t the majority of players, this feedback isn’t surfacing so here it is.


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