Crafting orb materials XP gain 😡

Why does it give you like no XP when crafting orbs or crafting the prerequisite for them? XP gain is like 40 or something ridiculous, buff ASAP!

Also why can’t you proc anything related to orbs? there should be a small % with full stonecutting gear like 5% for us to gain another orb or prerequisite for the orbs.


Yeah must admit it would be nice to get a chance at another orb even a 10% one. I can imagine my bum doing a little squiggle dance in my chair if i got 2 orbs in 1 cast.

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I mean there is already an outcry regarding the orbs, I’m sure adding a % to get an extra one is a step forward.

i get that wiggle on every double corrupted loadstone.

Pretty sure the rune fragments throughout the process all the way to corrupted rune do have a chance to proc extra. Its been a while though.

The orb crafting materials have all of their XP values backwards in order of item level.
The very hardest ones give the very least crafting xp. If you hover them in the crafting window you can see how piddly the xp is and how it goes down instead of up as you go down the material list in the stonecutting table.

Making a gen core gives you almost nothing in terms of crafting xp.

Its a very low hanging fruit fix that they could push out quickly in a single patch without messing anything up that I can imagine.

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Yes the runes you get from corrupt portals do, apart from that it doesn’t for the other things.

Because tuning orbs are mostly created to limit your gameplay. Not to make you gain exp.
Let alone you receive a second orb sometimes when you’re crafting your key.

Imagine AGS looking at this: “How the hell did he get one more orb? We should time gate him, not make things easier for him”

This sir, is a QUALITY post. Ty.

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When they first added orbs in beta you could level to like 120 stonecutting just from making 1 Amrine orb. Then they over-corrected and made it worthless.

Thanks AGS, every time I worry about un-installing too soon I read the NW forums rq before logging into Lost Ark and im never dissapointed.

Never in my life has an company made me so feel good about quitting their game, keep it up boys.

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