Crafting professions and the economy

While I over all enjoy the crafting mechanics and what they bring, I feel there is an inherent flaw to the system.

My main issue stems from that a single player can eventually train up every profession to max, and essentially can make player driven interactions/transactions irrelevant once they max out.

In a solo survival game I can understand the having to be reliant on yourself, but in a MMO with only a player driven economy, I see the long term effect to make crafting focused players irrelevant.

I feel that either limiting how many skills you can have or ones you can level past a certain point would both stimulate player progression in those areas they truly enjoy, and simultaneously create viable crafting professions.

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I agree, I’ve maxed out 200 on mining in the first few days of gameplay and could chop wyrdwood and make planks the first day.

There needs to be a sense of accomplishment, or a real benefit to maxing out a skill… I’m going to make a suggestion because compared with other MMORPGS like RuneScape it’s probably easier to max out on here by at least a factor of 10.

People like myself enjoy “skilling” and right now I’m not getting much of a sense of achievement/accomplishment or benefit.

I’m going to make a new suggestion thread to solve this.

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