Crafting Staves

Please reconsider the stats on the high-level craftable staves. The Blessed Wildwood Life staff which is the highest (575 gear score) one we can craft has 19 focus and 9 dexterity (why? we don’t use dexterity), as well as Beast Bane… again, why?

Echo of Grace, the other 575 gear score (the highest) has 19int and only 9 focus… WHY? we don’t use int as life staff carriers… it makes no sense whatsoever!
The fire staff Rage has only 9 int and 18 focus, fire staff carrying mages do not use focus!!

The new highest level void gauntlet has better stats for my life staff than the life staff, it is ridiculous. It has blessed and enchanted…

Also, why is there no 600 level staff available to craft in either fire or life staff.

I worked hard to get my skill to 200, I would like to enjoy making myself a staff that has decent stats, please!

So please, take a look at our arcana staves we can craft and fix the stats on them. I can’t get a good weapon :frowning:

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