Crafting Table Level Concept

I get why you thought that handing over crafting table levels to the PVP goons was a good idea, at least on a conceptual level, but it really wasn’t thought all the way through. They don’t really -care- about crafting, overall, and they manage the whole concept of crafting balance really really really REALLY badly. This idea of giving each city a handle on what tables to level up and what tables to leave has left entire regions without necessary tables and with the costs of transport so high, it means running literally all the way across the zone with full bags just to craft what you need. Either make more of the normal general crafting done at basic levels and give the PVP goons control over legendary stuff ONLY OR lower the cost of porting from city to city. Something.

I’ll save the rant about your lottery style crafting mechanic for another rant for another day.


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