Crafting Trophies, revised

The current “trophies” as they are presented all increase the range capability for the area of use. As such these aren’t trophies at all but tools. Let’s rename them to be that. Furthermore, in their current state, these trophies are tradable even after being used. No other top-end gear is like this.

My proposal is as follows:

  1. Tools* require a component that is a rare drop in the world (as it is today). A part crafted by engineers (not furnishers, these are tools, after all) is required as part of the final product. The final product should be crafted at the respective station with tiered skill (Minor at 100, Basic at 150, Major at 200) and becomes BOP.

  2. Trophies are a different item entirely which are put on display in your home providing a hefty point value that reflects your skill as an artisan. The trophy itself requires a BOP item rewarded at random after certain skill intervals while doing the action of that skill. The item requires a Trophy Mount before being able to display in the home. Trophy mounts are created by furnished with different “mounts” being required for different trophies (a pot for a sprout, a loom, etc) to highlight the skill for which the trophy is awarded.

Screw trophies until tax is lowered,not feeding greedy corrupt guilds,I abandoned all my homes,became quite the circle jerk

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The intent of trophies equating to housing points was so in combination with another change that housing points may provide a discount on housing taxesz As that is a different topic, it belongs in another thread.

Suggestions on how to enhance the game are wholly different than problems caused by players.

I do believe AGS intended to allow companies to push limits since there are also tools in place to address those companies benefit. Leaving the housing market is definitely one way to do that, so you responded appropriately, replacing one company with a more favorable one would be another. Just as in the real world, until a company is held to account it will do the most it can get away with.

Another way to address your concern can be found in this thread: Increasing Company Participation, world engagement

I can see no benefit in your suggestion. I crafted all 16 minor trophies that are currently in my three houses, and needing both Engineering & Furnishing skills at 200 would just make the best user made improvements all the harder to make.

Currently, I have no plans to try for the ingredients for making the basic nor major trophies, as endgame content is not fun to try solo, and completely unsatisfying if done by Zerg’ing.

Firstly, my proposal distinguishes between a tool (an item that improves the ability of a skill) and a trophy (something to celebrate your skill as an artisan).

Secondly, this provides two crafting skills with a list of recipes that provide additional opportunities to level and sell.

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