Crafting with potential gear score 595-600 gives 590 items

I was crafting bows, blunderbusses and muskets with all the necessary gear, food, trophies, town engineering buff and materials to get potential gear score up to range 595-600. However, in all above three cases I ended up getting items below the minimum potential gear score.

Below are the view when I was crafting muskets and resulting items:

Do you see if I did any mistakes, or is there something wrong with the crafting?

In between different crafting sessions (bow, blunderbuss, musket) I took down trophies and re-installed them, took off crafting gear set and put it back. Each time potential score showed 595-600 but resulting crafted items had scores below 595.


Bump this even occures on Ptr…

Thanks for posting, I hope someone pays attention to this.

A friend of mine had this problem also crafting with the stopwatch which is supposed roll a 598~600 item

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Thank you for your responses. They together with discussions I’ve had in other forums points this to be an issue in current crafting system. I hope @Developer would take a look at this as this is impacting quite a large number of players and a whole gameplay area (crafting).

imagine having this bug when the next patch comes out and everybody is crafting the new gear!

imagine having this Bug on the Test Server :thinking:

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Does anyone know if the bug also happens when you craft a single item?

in the evidence we have above, it seems to be a bug with the last items in the multiple items craft.

their just listed as last, due to the low gs. but i hop on ptr and do single crafts

yep still happens.

tried that few days ago with a self made armory mastery earring, instead of playtester, wasnt working either.

guess it’s the townbuffs that dont work on ptr

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This is from live server, a guild mate tried to craft void gauntlets and got this.

No, he didn’t forget the azoth

BTW, This image is from today

If relevant, prior to start crafting I did relocate one of my houses to a new town that had the buff I needed. I did install all trophies, and even replaced after noticing this issue, back into that new house. Just in case there’s some cooldown related issue with house relocation.


crafting bug still occures on PTR & LIVE

I’ve found some other topics talking about the same problem and this one got a response from a CM: Crafting 595-600 but receiving 590-600 items

btw, looks like nobody from AGS cares about the problem.

Good luck to you all in the next patch trying to craft the new gear to get into the new meta.

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I’ve also noticed that nowadays I get 600gs items that are purple. So they have definitely been playing with the tables.

never had that, unless i forgot to add azoth :sweat_smile:

ick, sounds like crafting right after patch may be bad idea…

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Yeah, was not happy. I’ve never had it before either. Till this weekend I was crafting shoes to finish out one of my sets. Out of 20 tries got 2 Legos (which is a rant on itself, AGS and weighted averages on crafts). The rest 595-600 purples. Was so mad I just turned off the game.


ugh , man sorry that happened. Crafting a 600 purple should not even be possible with the time and resources invested to do it, getting the GS to 600 should result in a gold item, period.



Side note, I know they are messing with crafting because they are enabling scarabs for bags and tools, so I crafted what I had for bag material cause I was concerned things were gonna break.

CRAZY to say I got 3 legendary bags from 8 Crafts. — Please don’t hate me I’ve also got 1 lego from 21 tools. so there’s that.

It just begs for consistency and proper reward for effort.



This has been happening for months on live. It’s been a persistent issue that they never fixed. It’s been reported that I know of all the way from December.