[ Crafting work around ] -- After three weeks of noting. Thank you Mortayia

Point blank… Having issues trying to craft? Getting a failed attempt time and time again? Ready to dump New World as a result, for something “new”?

I was there until a post from Mortayia here in the forums was brought to my attention. So, before uninstalling and NOT reinstalling as some folks have suggested as a fix ( I tried it… did not work ), give this one a go.

Step 1: Open the crafting station
Step 2: Set the filter to “Tier I” and click done
Step 3: Exit out of the crafting station
Step 4: Open the crafting station again
Step 5: Clear the filter setting, click done
Step 6: You should be able to craft items now, providing you have appropriate materials and skill and the crafting station is the right level for the items you are crafting.

** Note; I have to do this each crafting session. Leaving a crafting station will require this to be done again upon returning for a new crafting session.


still does not work

thanks for the pointer…my buddy tried this out(the one having this issue) and still nothing unfortunately

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