Crafting/gathering could be timing based minigames

I’m sorry I’m kind of trying to post it everywhere, but if my ideas are bad just say so.

Fishing is the only gathering process with a minigame involved.

Why aren’t other gathering professions are like that? The entire game is based on timings, blocking, dodging, attacking. So is fishing. Why not implement them into gathering and crafting so we’d have to do more than just wait a gathering animation to end.

For gathering there could be a clock-like timer with an arm you’d have to stop precisely to hit a tree and gather resources. Repetitive? And swinging a sword isn’t? Sure, that can get tedious over time, but let’s make it so if you are precise, you get more resources per hit, than when you are not. With higher grade tools you wouldn’t need to be as precise, and with top grade you just hit a resource node as fast as you can, doing ‘quantity over quality’ of your hits. Or still can get best if you do some accurate moves or gain a rare material.

We could have actual skill trees, not just a number showing how many times we went to a forge.

Same goes with crafting. Instead of rolling a dice, and expect our item to become Uncommon or Rare, why can’t we put some skills into the process, like ability to fix a flaw in wood or leather, keeping temperature at certain level while smelting or making thinner threads while making. Why can’t crafter have actual ‘Abilities’ they’d use in a process of making things? That would be actually very rewarding for a crafter to be able to say ‘I made dis’ Or is that just too complicated?


i don’t think that should be added. gathering for me is kind of a mindless (not in a bad way) and relaxing activity. i just want to chop trees and mine some iron and enjoy the sounds and atmosphere of the game.

also i think a big part of why the random part in crafting is implemented, is that there is a reason to craft the same piece multiple times to min max. if there is a minigame, after some time you will always make the best version and there isn’t much incentive to craft more pieces of the same gear except for selling them.

Skill trees for trade skills sound pretty interesting tho.


Thank you for your opinion! I think what I suggest doesn’t deny people having a meditative experience while gathering. You just ignore that bonus you ‘might’ get if you hunt that timing arrow. You might fill your backpack slower, but you don’t seem to be in a hurry anyway, right?

On the second part, do we need a lot of similar items on the market? We make dozens of items and disassemble them just for XP gain. You could still try to make mass-market items by ignoring the timers and not responding with skills, or you could focus on making something really good.

im on both sides… for gathering i enjoy just watching him pickaxe away, the sound, the animation. Relaxing and i can enjoy the view before moving through the pretty forest to the next node just ‘chilling’. Its the fun part of crafting. To actually craft the resources into items tho i enjoy a minigame.Errr i think it was EQ2 that had an enjoyable mini game to craft. You had to use certain craft skills at certain times to increase chance to succeed at a higher tier craft. That was the ‘work’ part of crafting. So for me i would say keep gathering as is but minigame for crafting :slight_smile:

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That is because fishing was created much later than all of the other gathering professions. I actually like the mindless gathering. It’s something I can do and turn my brain off.

thats a good way of putting it and i agree. gathering is when i can switch the brain off and focus on enjoying the game environment/visuals/sounds/world. Crafting is when you have to put the work in to make a good item :slight_smile:

I agree with this crafting should be where you can increase the odds of a good craft you dont garuntee an amazing craft but you can significantly increase the odds in a mini game it would hopefully stop the flood of items into the market for higher tier items.

And before people say but if you just craft more youll get better items please take a look at the albion online market - yes ik a small mmo but has the same idea of crafting and the market place is player driven - unless you are making the top top top tier items everything else is just going at cost which means that there is no real way to make moeny from crafting which would be dissappointing to see in this mmo as I have actually enjoyed the crafting side but think there is still room for improvement

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That would kill crafting and gathering for me, these minigames go from fun to annoying chore in about 3 minutes