Crafting/gathering gear constructor idea

I know there were a lot of topics about crafting/gathering gear “grouping” and lot of frustration about it still. But I want to propose a bit different idea about this gear.
New items:
Empty crafting/gathering gear.
Shards/parts/gems/resources or whatever that we can loot in the open-world for different crafting/gathering perks.
The ultimate goal is to have a gear set with all the perks in it.
How it could work in detail:
Say we can buy “grey” gear from the faction store or get it via new quests. After that, we will be able to upgrade it with new materials, name it as you like, be it shards or new gemstones or resources. Guess the latter will be the best. Just like it works with trophies right now. Once you find, say, a “weaponsmithing +2” resource, you’ll be able to insert it into one of the items. Each item might have a slot for a resource for each profession. You’ll end up with a single gear set for crafting that’ll provide you all the bonuses and a single set for gathering with all the bonuses instead of having all the separate sets and needing to change it when you go crafting/gathering.
Of course, there should be new slots in inventory for these gear sets so you can carry them with you all the time.
I think it’s totally in line with the current approach: grind-loot-upgrade. And will make the game process way better for everyone.
Current specialized gear will have its place too. If you don’t want to grind/loot/buy parts, you just can grind/loot/buy separate gear you need and that’s all.

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