Crafts, and Travel, and Mobs (oh my)

These are definitely the worst feeling parts of the game in my playthrough so far, and I know I’ve seen threads concerning them. These are mostly not even bugs, so that means they’re intentional. Seriously… what and why?

This was easily my favorite part of the game when I started, then it just gets horrible after 50 in anything. Crafting was cool because it actually felt like a contributor to leveling up to about lvl25 - I loved that.

After this point… Something just feels horribly flawed that the most useful resource is always the base resource (fibers, rawhide, iron, crafting resources, etc). Just… Why? To advance, you have to do so much backtracking to the point where the base resource you’re needing is going to be over doubled, tripled, or more to obtain a decent, crafting amount of the new-er material.

This really feels like the game punishes you more for actually leveling crafting instead of just leveling up and farming and selling base materials. Other MMORPGs I’ve played, this just has the long term effect of auction houses being jacked due to inflation.


It sucks there is nothing to move about a bit faster, I can accept that if that is just how it’s going to go, however, fast travel doesn’t even make up for it. It definitely helps, but considering there are points where multiple quests are stretched across a map everywhere and the many things that determines Azoth cost… It’s just stupid.

Azoth itself isn’t horrible, it’s almost entirely the required cost of it. Currently, when the max I can have is 1,000, but I see the cost to travel is +200 (it’s mostly the encumbrance cost that’ll get you) that just doesn’t seem completely thought out.

The only thing that kind of helps mitigate this is resetting the cost to travel to a place you have a home.


Good god, fix this! I’m not even sure what determines aggro range, but sometimes it’s just… They feel like it, but most importantly, respawn times.

Because of respawn times, there are some areas where you have only a minute before things spawn back, so if you can’t clear something and fight the next thing under a minute, the the last thing you killed is going to respawn and join your current fight.

I’ve been in situations in the game where I’m just continuing to fight multiple mobs because they keep respawning in.

Mob traveling is worth mentioning too, they run out of range of someone they’re chasing, so they’re just going to go back to the closest other person. I think the only saving grace of this issue is I really haven’t run across people genuinely wanting to use this to grief other players.

Mob pathing is terrible. They run to the closet person often, which would have been pretty fun in Open World PVP in higher level areas because you could effective troll them with elite mobs. I wish they dropped coin more often, even if its just 1c per kill. I wish repair parts cap did not bring up a disclaimer once youve capped repair parts when your deconstructing junk.

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