Crash every 5 minutes

Hello, I have a problem, not just me, several friends. The game is perfect, and out of nowhere the image CRASHES or gets FROZEN. and The game does not respond which closes, and I get every 5 minutes or less. SOLUTION, already update drivers, download graphics, replace my updated NVDIA drivers, Add virtual memory ram. everything . and nothing everything remains the same. Any solution thanks.

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For me at least the problem was the latest Windows 10 updates. I was able to play last couple of days until I installed the updates last night. Started playing for the first time since the update this morning and I was crashing every 5-10 mins. I uninstalled the Windows 10 updates and have been playing all day and no crashes since I then. Might be worth a try.


Thank you very much I will try!

Hi! and? that worked? :thinking:

Same issue here, crashin every 5 / 10 minutes

It doesn’t work for me yet :frowning: I’m still in it like my friends


When you start getting this errors? Checking other post, looks like with recent Nvidia drivers the game is having this issue.

Can you use DDU to completely remove your drivers and then download them again from Nvidia web page and do a clean installation of the drivers.

we have tried even that, and all the solutions on the forum and none works. even uninstall update from windows, drivers, etc and it remains the same. Change server to verify and it remains the same, without solution. a real shame that we cannot enjoy this game as it is very annoying

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