Crash Queue Buffer

I don’t mind there are queues, I understand the work going into this game and it’s popularity.

HOWEVER, waiting 4 hours in queue to crash 2.5 minutes into gameplay, and joining again at # 1632 is ridiculous. You guys didn’t code in a crash queue buffer?! That’s bad, and needs fixed.

This is such a basic queue quality/feature that it had to have come up in a meeting at some point over the years. “What if they crash or disconnect briefly?”, “Nah.”



Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly. I think the launch has gone relatively well, and I’m not even too mad about the current queues - but to get an error and not have priority on rejoining is ridiculous. This will become even more problematic as wars and dungeons become more prevalent within the community. Disconnects in either situation will be rough.


In WoW if you disconnected you were still logged in on the server for 15 minutes, this gives you time to get back in under most circumstances and still doesn’t hold up everyone waiting on people who have actually logged off, 100% agree this needs adding to New World.

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It should definitely have been added before launch, but I’ll take it now too.

Agreed. Queued for 1.5 hours and played for a couple hours then crashed. Now I’m in a queue with 1000 more people than the last time I queued and I’ll be spawning in to die in an elite zone long after my group is gone.

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Same thing happened here, 4 hours into the queue, at 156 position, game froze, back to 1500.

This is pathetic. honestly. how is it possible to joke around with people time like this, having more time in queues than gameplay and even worse is that the queue time is doubled due to the 1st day lunch bugs and errors during queue, and not saving your ID to continue in case you crash , because you have to have your whole PC working towards this game during 4 hours of looking at a f**** number on your screen. At least let us play something else during that time.

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