Crashing randomly after long Ques

My game is randomly crashing sometimes i get to play for 2 hours the last one i crashed as i was loading in. No error messages it just closes itself and im back to desktop…after 4 hour ques. 1. Can anyone explain whats going on and 2. Why have you not hotfixed the DC’s and given people 3 mins to log back in…instead you let us sit another 4 hour que…


Yep - lots of folks are seeing this. Sadly, Amazon has no way of allowing us to send the crash reports, so they can’t do any real investigation based on dump files. I don’t know if they have an automated crash reporting mechanism or not, but I’m really surprised that Amazon, being the king of on-demand computing, is forcing us to sit in queues like this.

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Exactly I waited 2 hours in que then got to play 5 minutes then got dc’d and back to a que and have been waiting going on 4 hours

Ya im going to try again today…all my friends are days ahead now so this is my last attempt and then im sadly going to ask for a refund. Hate being that person but i mean if i cant play the game theres not a point in paying for it. Its happened every time i try to play sometimes i’ll last for like an hour or 2 then it crashes last time i waited in a 2k que for 5 hours i got to the loading screen and crashed…and i had to rewait the que.

2021-09-30 19:11:43.758>: [Info] (AZCore): [Rendering] Present failed, error code -2005270523. Attempting to recover…
<2021-09-30 19:12:13.805>: [Info]: SBufferPoolImpl::Allocate: could not allocate buffer of size 96

4 times crash today 4 time queue…EMBARRASSING !!!

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