Crazy idea - Cross-Server Wars Event Each Week

Let’s make cross-server wars each week on the 3 unclaimed territories. Huge bonus for the winners.

  • Shattered Mountain (Maramma vs CoS)
  • Edengrove (Orofena vs Pluto)
  • Great Cleave (Valhalla vs Ohonoo)
  1. Anyone can join but the war slots will be determined for certain pvp activities of each server (accumulative opr points/arena rankings/open world kills, etc).

  2. The map will display the winner on every server (Server name + dominant faction on this server)

  3. Exclusive legendary gear + Title.

Could be TDM, opr or war format?
(100 v 100, 3 flags each outpost, 45 mins… random sides)

Each territories have 2 outpost … 50 vs 50 on each side.
Corruption + Blight affliction damage will be part of the environment for both sides.

Any more crazy ideas? Lol.

50:50 is a lag fiesta…
Lets make 100:100

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