Create a PTS Server

Would really love to see the Dev Team give us a PTS Server that we can sign up to play on and test things out before they are released to the Production server.

Obviously after the major bugs are fixed first :wink:


In Fact we should petition for one?

Or is that a bad idea?

There is one it’s called live.

sorry had to do it

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No no its ok @Borges someone else said this not long ago too, and you are right we are playing PTS and not what should be LIVE at all!!!

Making progress we are at 10% of our first goal!!!

as much as it sucks, I will enjoy watching the brokenness develop into something not broken hopefully

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same its just painful to watch

Actually they are giving us one brother, just wish it wasn’t so dang hard to find info. Told them make it known that is comming because it gets lost easy in threads.

Lemme find my screenshot for ya.

@Jokers yeah I don’t know why… but I don’t feel a lot of weight behind that… from the OP that is, not you ofcourse.

I hope the petition gets some steam and we get what is needed.

But that’s all we can do is hope they listen and the player base participates.

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Indeed PTRs will allow us to break patches before live. We were really good at doing that in WoW and would happily do it for New world.

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@Jokers indeed… man if they gave us PTR I would have so much fun breaking things! haah

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Sweet!!! We are at 23% of our first goal line!!!

Thanks everyone who has signed it so far, let’s keep this rolling and get more people signed up!

New update we have reached 40% of our first goal!!
Awesome thanks to everyone that has signed the petition so far!

Looks like its coming!!!

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