Create Fun and Rewarding Mechanics

It’s very clear that someone within AGS will not allow players to have an activity that is both Fun and Rewarding.

We can see the changes where the Fun Dial is turned up on an activity and at the same time the Rewarding Dial is turned down. Or if the Rewards are turned up the activity will become tedious, take up more time, time gated, or made frustrating in some way.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove ORBs from Expeditions
  • Use ORBs to make Expeditions harder with better loot
  • Make crafting High Tier items award higher Exp (in proportion to the total Exp - we saw what you did)
  • Make OPR, War and Corrupted Portal chests award Expertise appropriate level gear (without changing anything else)
  • Increase Expertise bumps without lowering drop chances

Activities and Mechanics can be Fun and Rewarding. Stopping trying to favor one or the other.

How is that more “fun”? lol…
You just want an easy and less time consuming game… Go play some asian MMORPGs with auto run / afk system, it might be the right thing for your :slight_smile:

Crafting is already too easy to max. I agree, that there is room for improvement (in the aspect of fun), but its not “make it easier”!

I mainly gather, craft and trade and I already have every gathering and refining profession maxed and 3 of the crafting professions.
After ~2 months… MMORPG are games for the long turn!

And there are a lot of ppl who already maxed everything.

They shouldnt reduce the time we have to invest, they “should” make the players experience better and yeah “more fun”.
And btw: They do this every patch!
=> It was stupid to make 10k iron spears to max my Engineering… For the next profession I had to make higher tier stuff, that felt way better.
=> Next patch we get the option to fix the attribute and one perk - finally, yeah!
=> Next patch I get Gypsum from crafting, so Expertise / HWM from crafting - nice!
=> Next patch some ppl will change their strategy and items with 500 to 580 might get some value (back) - woohoo
=> Next patch we get new perks - that will boost my crafting business :D!
=> Next patch I get “something” for crafting after maxing my profession - thats motivating, crafting with a already maxed profession always felt a little sad ^^
=> …

yes please

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