Create The lost, Ancients, Angry Earth and beast portals

I was inspired to make this thread after reading @Rune 's post
Saying hello and checking in! - #432 by Rune?

Instead of boring us with endless corrupted portals… why not give us some variety? Like The lost, Ancients, Angry Earth, and beast.


From the lorewise perspective, it wouldn’t work. For instance, lost vs the sirens queen and her device that makes them. Portals are just corruption itself.

What WOULD work, is to have some specific POI objects, like obelisks maybe for ancients, or a ship wreckage for lost, or some sort of tree for angry earth that would be scattered over the continent where you could activate it similarly like we do portals, which would activate an event where you would have to help/destroy certain NPCs or whatever and get rewards. That way yes, that would be very interesting and fun!


Happy to inspire! :grimacing:

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I agree the same portals might not make sense…

But something similar just portrayed differently. Your ideas sound great. I imagined some form of a “flare up” of nature. So instead of an obelisk, maybe it’s a tree, or animal (please something new, we’ve had enough lynxes, wolves and bears) thats all twisted and angry-earthified, set on removing any disturbances to nature (i.e. people).

With just a little twist to the context and story, it SEEMS like most of the groundwork is already there via the corrupted portals system.

And why not have Angry Earth rise up in invasions against a town? The towns are growing and burning through natural resources.

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