Created account to talk gypsum issues

Its been a couple days and the Gypsum system is both innovative/interesting and a botched implementation. Time gates on time gates on time gates do not feel fun as a player. We already had to track when we did our chest runs, which was acceptable, but the gypsum system kicks tracking activities up several notches.

I think if we could farm gypsum like we do for everything else in the game, it would be best.

Prior to the Dec Update, you could take a day to farm, run dungeons, craft, etc. without feeling like you’re falling behind.

Post Dec Update, if I take a day to do each of those activities, I feel like I’m being punished.

I would love to be rewarded for running genesis 5 times with enough gypsum to craft an orb for the next few days while i tackle something else. Instead after a single run, you might as well disband the group and move on to the next task (in the same ORDER as you did the day before).

Please allow us an open-ended gaming experience. I understand the drive to push people towards all the end-game activities, but when i know I only get max benefits from doing something a limited number of times, I dont want to do them beyond that limit. Let us farm up some gypsum already!!

But you are rewarded for running genesis or lazurus multiple times. They didn’t nerf bumps in expeditions, so to be real you getting to run 4 additional expeditions is giving you major opportunities for gearscore bumps you would not get so easily.

You’re correct, the rewards for doing the dungeon itself is the same, but now we have an added bonus once per day.

Think of the time investment in creating each of the orbs as well. It takes HOURS to grind a single orb, then to run them all together as a group, you want to get the most out of your time, so you’re pushed to running only 1 per day. You arent min/maxing if you just decide to run them all anymore.

I think this will become far less of an issue in the coming months considering a new zone is for sure coming eventually and mutated expeditions may just make for more content to run. I don’t think they need to give you a gypsum for every expedition you do considering you have the highest chances for the natural expedition bump to begin with and making this type in general require more than one gypsum would just be insane. I think we can all agree any more than the 1 requirement for this cast would be ruthless.

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