Creating new ideas from old systems

Hello everyone, I hope you can understand my English well.

Guild Systems

The guild organization window is outdated and no longer up to date. Simple functions such as editing roles and dying, granting certain rights to certain people are simply missing completely and make it unnecessarily difficult for a guild leader to lead a guild well

A guild bank

A guild bank would help the guild in many ways, to collect and distribute certain goods to die for Kreige or the guild itself

Char inventory and storage system

We all know the problem… Where’s my gear… Where’s my set…

solution recipe ? Or learn?

Name Character Armory

Places: For 5 sets (helmet pants shoes chest and gloves)
Costs 20 metals

15 wood

storage rune

Recipe ? Or learn?

Perk finder For the storage system

It would make life easier for all of us if there was a system like in Ah where you can look for perks in your closet XD

Guild Hobbing

Is currently one of the worst stories in NW that mess up the game

A solution for that

Players who join a guild should be banned for 3 days from participating in a war or pushing another


Players cannot hold 5 territories with 1 guild without
fewer private guilds are made to store money or do any other nonsense

Group Invitation

Especially in open world PVP it is sometimes very difficult to see who is where


Large groups 10-20 players

All players should then still be displayed in other colors like neon yellow or blue

Expeditions / Raids

I’ve just had a few thoughts on PVE/PVP and I’d like to share them with you

it would be nice to have a 10-20 player raid in the game but there had to be a group system for that too
It would be great if you could do a raid with PVP elements

What would that look like

An expedition with let’s say -standard 5 bosses (no, no elite opponents)

When starting this raid, the player group has 24 game hours to complete the raid

Disturbance by other players: in these 24 hours of play there should be a chance every 6 hours that another foreign 24 player group can then raid this dungeon

dimensions of the viewing angle

Can the “new group” defeat the “old one” (which shouldn’t be possible in the boss fight)

The new group takes over the raid status of the old ones and can get a loot box at the next save point with the loot from the bosses that have already been defeated

If “The Old Group” manages to defeat the new one, the old group should get a loot buff of 25% (e.g. instead of 1 Legendary item you get 2-3 at the next boss)

I’m curious how everything will turn out

Thanks for reading and the time

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