Creating Pre-Set Options for PvP/PvE/Harvesting, ETC

Quality of Life.

Having to go through your gear each new event you do is annoying, especially if you have a set for each Dungeon type and then sometimes you miss a piece of gear when clicking on them.

Putting on your pvp gear and click each one before you Open world pvp or OPR.


Your harvesting with full harvesting gear and minding your own business flagged because you want that extra 10%. You see an opposing faction coming your way and you feel like he will attack you. so you sit there clicking each pvp piece you have to prep. BOOM! he is on you when you have half Harvesting/PVP gear on and youre dead…

We need a pre-set option for gear to just click on and it slots Genisis’s specific gear or Tempest or PVP or Harvesting or Crafting or Healing or Tanking rather then going through 40 pieces of gear we have in our bags to find the right one.


This. So much this.

I’m absolutely dumbstruck by the number of gear sets needed to do different things, especially gathering/refining/crafting.

There’s gear for mining, for fishing, for crafting things, for using the outhouse…

It’s a management nightmare, without the ability to create our own “buckets” in inventory/bank is just a clump of gear that you have to spend an eternity mousing-over to figure out which is which.

A seperate inventory of gear sets, accessible from anywhere, with mappable hot keys would be a huge QoL upgrade in this game!