Creating several companies to increase odds of succeding at war declaration

Companies are creating several temporary companies, filling them with temporary members and running PvP missions only to have better odds of declaring a war, and it is working.

Please introduce a mechanic to prevent this exploit. It reduces the odds of companies not taking part on this exploit. It is just unfair.

A suggestion would be to introduce a cooldown on players switching companies. Only allow one company switch per week. That would already help a lot, only allowing this exploit to happen once a week.

Another suggestion would be to prevent new companies from declaring wars, and preventing a company that had 10 or more players join it recently from declaring wars for 1-2 days.


Can we get some comment on this from the AGS team as it is a very common practice that is just not fair to other legit declaring companies. We are experiencing the same behavior every 2 days.

  • Windsward is attacked and defended
  • One company in the opposing faction splits into a dozen of companies 10+ (each beginning with the same name)
  • Players split up into companies and run missions
    As a result they skew the odds of declaring to their favor and just remove companies once they get the declaration of war.
    If this is not a text-book exploit of the game mechanic being abused in an unintended way, than I don’t know what is.
  • Once the war ends, rinse and repeat.

This behavior avoids any kind of possibility of having an invasion in the territory since there is no time for it to happen.

The proposed solution is:

  • force invasions after wars are ended when it is time, regardless of the 1h fort lock period.
  • lock company transfers to 120 days or the same amount of time you cannot transfer a faction
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Preventing players from contributing influence for 48h after joining a company seems like a good fix too

PvPer insistence on finding every exploit possible to ruin intended play is an excellent reason to completely separate Settlements from any player influence whatsoever.
Move all PvP into instanced cross-server group-finder matches.

Trying to continually band-aid systems with more systems is just a waste of time.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

That sounds like a terrible idea and it is off topic.

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