Creature Retreating is so bad

I don’t know if anyone thinks the same, but the retreating mechanic seems so buggy and it provides a really frustrating experience at times.
You are in a middle of a fight, using your comsumables, dodging, burning your mana and stamina whatnot, and then from one second to another without any reason the creature just having a thought and runs back to it’s original place. I realize there has to be a retreating mechanic, but in my opinion when you are in a middle of a fight, damaging constantly the mob, it shouldn’t just retreat.


It depends on a lot of things and we can discuss them individually because they are all valid reasons:
a) too far from spawn point. Creatures have to have a mechanic to not be pulled too far away from their normal spot. Or then you have the WoW Corrupted Blood Incident.
b) Inaccessible enemy. When you are up a tree or house or somewhere where the mob cannot reasonable pathfind to you, then the creature flags Retreating. You have to have a “fair” fight and risk the mob reaching you. That can get a little silly sometimes. This is the most eggregious incident in Retreating, when I’m up a fallen column for example that is diagonally placed in the map, and the mob doesn’t understand how to pathfind up to you even though it’s not that far. But again, I give that a pass, since I can just fal down and engage it normally.

There is no other cause for this that I’m aware of. Any Retreating triggering I have traced to either of these two, even if at times the range can seem little, or the pathfind can seem easy. Even then though I understand why the pathfinding failed. Using my previous example, I found that the pillar was only accessible from far behind which meant basically a long walk around, a very long walk and a jump.
Creatures don’t include jumps in the pathfinding :slight_smile:

I know about the Corrupted Blood incident, I was there in Ironforge. :slight_smile:

Here on the other hand just seems a little bit silly sometimes, especially from a game that focuses so much on immersion. I play as a ranged character, that might affect the situation (I probably pull them too far from their original spot), but my point still stands, it can be very frustrating sometimes. The fact that you cannot aggro (or damage) them at all until they reach their original spot certainly doesn’t help the situation either.

I play musket (as well) and indeed that is something I have to keep on the back of my mind.
I do accept it though considering the NW mob density.
And that density is something I want to keep, it is one of the reasons I feel as this game world being alive.

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